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Welcome to this week’s what’s for dinner! These are all easy and affordable dinner ideas. Feel free to gather up supplies and cook with me. I have included the …

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  1. I’ve heard of ppl doing brine with a turkey for thanksgiving. The pioneer woman has a good recipe!!! We love love our Brussels roasted with bacon and drizzle Trader Joe’s balsamic glaze!!!

  2. I have done porkchops in a brine to but you have to rinse your porkchops under water and then make then very dry with papertowels….mine were very delicious and very tender😉! Definitely worth trying it again😘😘😘

  3. Where did you get the thing that you measure your sugar in your cabbage rolls.? And I hated the cabbage or the peppers and cabbage rolls and stuff peppers and my mom used to make me like a meatball with you just like stuffed it together because she didn’t like to waste money cooking it if I wasn’t going to eat it.

  4. I’ve seen those marinated chicken breasts at Aldi but I’ve never tried them. They sound good! And we all have a dinner fail every once in a while…but you redeemed dinner and your family was fed. ☺️

  5. When marinating pork chops in a brine, you generally don't want to go over 2hrs, maybe 3 or 4 for really thick ones. I made the same overnight mistake when making chops and eggs for my dad's birthday breakfast a few years ago. My heart goes out to you lol

    Adding a little brown sugar to the brine is super tasty, though, just for future reference!

  6. Prepare a mixture of three parts salt and one part sugar. The salt may be kosher or sea salt. …

    Dissolve the sugar/salt mixture in water. …

    Add any flavorings you wish. …

    Submerge the meat in brine.

    Store it in a refrigerator or other cooler space.
    I wouldn't add salt to meat when I cook it.

    I don't like ham soaked in brine….way too salty.

  7. I dont brine thinner pork chops for longer than 2-4 hrs. If I brine overnight, I would rinse them for sure.
    Now if chops are 1" thick or thicker, overnight brining is ok.
    Just try different times. Everyone's taste for salt is different. I think it has to do with how much salt/sugar you use in your brine mixture.
    I would experiment and buy some inexpensive pork chops and brine them for different lengths of time to see what your family enjoys most.
    Hope this was helpful.
    How do I get that pampered chef pan that you used in microwave? That looks so handy. 😁

  8. Such yummy meal ideas. Don’t you just hate when something unexpected like that happens? I do believe a brine is usually a more liquid method and is rinsed well and patted dry. I hope the next time you try you’ll have better results. Everything looks amazing! I hope you mom is doing better also.

  9. I just love watching your "What's For Dinner videos" I would love to make some of the food you make…but sadly I get tired of hearing my "20" year old son telling me I don't like that…and the crazy thing is he's never had what ever I have fixed…but thankfully my 17 year old son loves just about anything 😉! I would so love to try the cabbage rolls! I've never had them before and I'm very interested 😁! Maybe I will have to save this for another time and have them for rest of us! Thanks for taking the time to help us with new ideas for dinner! I became a subscriber around this time last year…I'm so glad I found your channel!! Have a blessed week 😃! 💜💜💜

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