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WhatsforDinner #EasyDinnerIdeas #Mexicanfood #ChickenKabobs #CrystalEvans I want to take the time to thank God first and also thank everyone who takes …

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  1. Hey girl just found you! I’ve been watching what’s for dinner videos for ideas for years I could never find some one who always incorporated real Mexican food lol so glad I found u. My mother in law has taught me a lot of amazing Mexican dishes as well. Looks like we got lucky with the mother in law lucky lol not many people can say the same. I love her like my own mother. Glad to find u and I’ll be tuning in every video. Thank you for the wonderful ideas ❤️

  2. awww i just love you and your family <3 :). hehe i absolutely love how you say certian words!! :). Its just awesome. hopefully that didnt offend im sorry if it did. <3 your awesome.

  3. Oh my gosh l just found your channel and I am in love! Can I come live with you? Lol I will definetly be trying some of your recipes! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Yes mama! Sorry if I’ve been mia. My laptop has been getting repaired. Uhhhh your good always looks so delicious! You definitely do such a great job preparing meals for your fam on a weekly basis.

  5. Yes girl I needed this today I am looking for new foods to make I am getting so sick of the same foods at the house the chicken kabob looked amazing my husband loves those

  6. Loved how long this was,your meals are so varied,I just love that I'm never going to be able to guess what your going to make next! I put my purse in the fridge you know,couldn't find it all day…2 tins of tomatoes in the loo too,your not on your own there with mum moments you know. Great to see you using up the odds & ends you have that, often we create lush food that way right! It's so sweet how you change things up for your girls if they are not keen too. Another wicked video Crystal xx😘😘

  7. Ever since I’ve started with meal prepping for the whole family I’m always on the hunt for healthy meals 🤗, I love seen all the ideas you had to share 🤗 Thankyou

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