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What’s for Dinner| Easy & Budget Friendly Family Meal Ideas | 2020 Meal Ideas

HEY YALL!! I hope you enjoyed today’s Whats For Dinner. These whats for dinner recipes are so easy to follow. If you are a busy momma, working momma, …

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  1. I like mayo on my blt but i will try with mustard as well and that pizza sandwich reminds me of my grandmother bcuz she would make mini pizzas using english muffins and they were so nasty awww childhood lol

  2. Hey Missy! Love the video! One note though – your talking is so quiet and the music is SO loud. I kept having to adjust my volume up and back down.

  3. Hey Missy GREAT what's for dinner as always I'm a mayo only care of girl for my BLT. Those pizza and meatball subs looked absolutely delicious and sacrificing I'll to make these ones as a loner as my daughter is allergic to tomatoes so the chicken enchiladas recipe will a good one for my household no tomatoes in sight 😂😂.

  4. Okay, so this is going to sound weird, but I like peanut butter on my BLT. A really thin layer on the bacon side of bread, then mayo on the tomato side of bread with the lettuce in the middle. It’s really good!

  5. Hi💗Hi ~ newbie here😊
    BLT for my fam : bacon, lettuce & tomatoes of course! w/mayo only on ALWAYS TOASTED bread,
    that's it!. Different Sides…
    nothing specific.
    TFS 💜 😄sk

  6. If you like avocado try it on your BLT, you will not be disappointed!!! I usually add mayo only. I feel like mustard is to tangy. But I am most definitely trying the enchilada recipe!!! And thank you so very much for that queso recipe as that is the best ever!!!

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