What’s for Dinner | Easy Budget Friendly Family Meal Ideas | April 2021

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  1. I just cooked a breakfast sausage quiche for dinner and thought of you…maybe can be used in one of your upcoming "what's for dinner!" …thank you once again for these vids I love them!!!

  2. Why is it so many of you southern women that do these what for dinner videos not like onions? I mean what's with that. How could one not want onions in their food.

  3. I always fill up the pot or whatever has cheese stuck to it especially bowls and spoons/forks with hot water and add like two splashes of Clorox and let it soak over night. It never fails and I just wash it with regular in the morning with dish soap.

  4. I am not sure if anyone has already mentioned this but I use baking soda to clean off stuck on food. I learned this tip from Clean My Space and it really works. Just sprinkle baking soda in the empty pot/pan (maybe 1-2 tablespoons), add a little dish soap,fill with hot water, and allow to soak for at least 30 minutes but the longer the better. It has worked on everything I have used it on and I've been using this method for several years now.

  5. Your kiddos are adorable I keep saying I want to do an Easter egg basket for my kiddo he's an 8 lb Chihuahua mix but I never get out to doing it I did try to find him something for Easter to wear unfortunately Ross didn't have anything neither did Burlington so he just wore a cute little button-up style shirt thing I had thankfully he tolerated it

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