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What’s for Dinner| Easy & Budget Friendly Family Meal Ideas| February 2020

Kelly’s Korner- Love Missy XO- If the link isn’t working go to her channel …

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  1. My husband loves stuffed peppers and he loves buffalo chicken even more. Might try that soon. I just saw a spirilizer in the gadget aisle at Walmart. It was under $10 for a manual one.

  2. Hey, girl! When I do stuffed peppers, I always parboil them first for a few minutes to soften them up then stuff them and then bake for 20ish minutes 🙂 Everything looks yummmmyyyyy!

  3. Kristin just wanted to tell you that I use rotisserie chicken alot and have begun saving the skin and putting it in a ziploc and freezing it. I keep adding then when there is a good amount I thaw just till they separate and oven or air fry till crispy and use them as croutons on a salad or crunchy topping for mac & cheese, so yummmyyyy!

  4. I have been binging your videos the last few days and it’s given me great motivation to cook for my family, especially the lunches you make your husband!!
    When you said before the crockpot meal that you got up early for WORK I could not believe it. You are amazing! To work and still do all of this. You go!

  5. Everything looked great! I’m making those stuffed peppers for sure! I love how you say olive oil! I’m in New York we don’t have nice accents like you!

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