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What’s for Dinner | Easy & Budget Friendly Family Meal Ideas | February 2021

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  1. East Tennessee fan here and the only mayo around here is JFG of course it's also the best coffee too Dukes is the second best mayo and folgers is the next best coffee…love the videos Lady please keep them coming you give me so much inspiration!!!?

  2. Whenever I cook cube steaks I always lay them in between a piece of wax paper or something covering over it and use something to beat on top of the entire meat to make it tender. It works everytime.

  3. Hello beautiful ❤️
    I been missing most videos due to severe depression .. praying all is well with you and the family. I just had to hear your voice. So adorable.

  4. I keep blended raw papaya paste frozen into ice cubes in the freezer. Just throw in one big cube of it into your steak overnight and those steaks will come out even more tender than a fillet!

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