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What’s for Dinner| Easy & Budget Friendly Family Meal Ideas| January 2020

Instant pot beef stroganoff- Air fryer steak fajitas- Hash browns- Let’s be …

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  1. 1:38 "So good I loved it"… With Ice Berg Lettuce? You spent so much time on so many things… I'll continue watching…
    Tuesday… Gurl…
    Wednesday. So see, this is where I will interject:
    Fry your mushrooms on high heat before your meat.
    Like HIGH heat
    Sprinkle a quarter cup of flour and two dessertspoons of paprika…
    Take that out the pan, but keep it hot as hell.
    add mushrooms. Fry till all moisture is gone, add more flour and paprika.
    Then add beef broth, slowly… Till it coats the back of your spoon.
    Then add the mustard, sour cream.
    Cook till boiling
    Then the chives
    Add more water if needed, but there won't be…

  2. Hi Kristin!! love watching your what’s for dinner videos! I love them so much I decided to create my own and would love it if you would go over and watch!!! I have never ever uploaded a video before, so it was a bit rocky in parts, but I hope to improve as time goes on. My channel is ASingleMomand HerBoy

    Please let me know what you think! And i hope to make more videos soon!

  3. Your dad's chili with macaroni noodles looks delicious. I'm glad you showed that adding aluminum foil to an air fryer is ok lol. I'm going to start using it, especially for my meats.

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