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What’s for Dinner| Easy & Budget Friendly Family Meal Ideas| March 2020

Hot pockets- Crack chicken & rice soup- Ribs- Jalapeño poppers- Let’s …

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  1. Hi Kristin! You and a few other YouTube mamas have inspired me to pursue and document my passions as a wife and mom. I finally posted my first What’s for Breakfast video! Congratulations for all of your success!! I looooove watching your videos! 🙂

  2. These dinners look amazing thanks to Lemonademom🍋 for sharing Kristin with us all and thanks Kristin for such wonderful meal inspirations and goals.

  3. I just found you and I have been binge watching. You make everything so easy to follow. I tried one recipe so far and it was delicious. I like the way you explain what you are doing 🤗

  4. I’m weird about dough on the counter too! I really like that you mention things that comes with the recipe like if it’s messy or if something didn’t work out they are very helpful tips!

  5. for the garlic mashed potatoes, i like to pop a clove into the water while the potatoes boil and it infused the potatoes so amazingly! just mash it all together with your other ingredients ♥️♥️

  6. loved the video! I agree, you and your dad should cook together! it would be fun! my family likes the poppers, I can't eat them. you made it look super easy to make! we will definitely have to try that one out! thanks for sharing! xoxo

  7. I just love your meal ideas. I need to go watch a hand full of your videos and start writing recipes down. I think I'll do that this weekend. Thank you for always sharing.💜

  8. You should definitely try this– substitute the sour cream for half a block of softened cream cheese in your mash potatoes. My 4 kids and hubby love them. They are SO unhealthy– honestly they are. But it is okay to indulge in something delicious and unhealthy every once in a while. 🤣❤ I also make my mash potatoes in the insta pot. I will never boil potatoes on the stove top ever again. ❤

  9. That is too bad about the ribs. I love ribs cooked in the Crock Pot. I just add salt and pepper, and sometimes Grill Mates. Once they are done I just throw bbq sauce on them. I never put them in the oven! My children do not even put sauce on them.

  10. You really sold that dough at the beginning as being easy and fun to make…lol. 😁 Try adding 3 cups of flour to it at the start since you end up adding another cup anyways.

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