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What’s for Dinner | Easy & Budget Friendly Family Meal Ideas | March 2021

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  1. I’d recommend continuing what you’re doing with the cube steak but once you’ve made the gravy throw it all in the oven low and slow. This used to be our Sunday meal. My mom would do as you did before we left then she’d cover in foil and leave in the oven at about 250 until we returned home. Cooking it low enhanced the flavor of the gravy and it didn’t dry out. She now just cooks at 350 for an hour or so if she makes it. I’ve done it in the crockpot but it doesn’t develop quite as much flavor.

  2. It's not just you for the meat not being tender. Sometimes it's the cut of meat they use to make the cubed steak, and also how many times they run it through the tenderizer.
    If you buy meat from a store that comes pre packed I find it is usually more tough than when its cut in store. You could try asking the meat department associate (if they do cut in store) to get you some pieces that are extra tenderized. Hope that helps! 😊

  3. Kristin, I saw another person today talking about minutes steaks….she said the ones from Kroger are really tough~ Thought of you…so I think the meat is the problem…NOT YOU!

  4. I too have temporarily given up on cube steak. It looks so good and last time, we just threw it out! Like hockey pucks 🤣🤣🤣 I'll be watching for you to figure it out and follow your suggestions as even oressure cooking with gravy was terrible.

  5. Just asking but what happened to you trying to be more frugal and make everything instead of buying that you started with at the beginning of the year? It seems you're back to canned and frozen everything

  6. Get the angus cube steaks from Aldi. They are the BEST. Soak in the buttermilk overnight. Before cooking, I bread and put pieces between parchment or wax paper. Right before frying I rebread one more time. The soaking in buttermilk overnight and the meat from Aldi are key – so tender!!

  7. I've used minute steaks for over 50 years…never have had tough ones. They are always fork tender…always use them for chicken fries. Wonder what is going on?? Where do you buy them at? Now I have bought them from Kroger and they were not my favorites.

  8. I cook my cube steaks in the crockpot with some roasted red peppers, mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce onion or onion powder. They are so tender and we love it. I but the jar of roasted red peppers at Walmart. Just a suggestion on the cube steaks. Anyway in the crockpot they will be tender. Everything looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Kristin
    I'm a grandmother with .any years of cooking behind me but I am loving your channel. I know u love to cook! It shows through your efforts. Oh yes..I love your dinnerware!🤩🤩🤩

  10. Hello Sweetheart.. Happy Saturday. Red Lobster is my Favorite Restraunt too… I love lobster and crab… Most all seafood really.. Except for oysters eww yuck.. Lol but I had never heard of cream of Bacon soup.. I bet its delicious all by its self… But the things that you can put the soup into.. The possibilities are endless..I've definitely gotta go to the Dollars Store. Try to find it.. Everything looked so yummy.. Thanks for sharing.. Love your Indiana Friend.

  11. Omg I love the pierogi’s! I love sautéing them with the sea salt and olive oil butter by land o lakes butter, minced garlic, onion powder, garlic powder and pepper. I’m telling you they turn out sooo amazing. Love your videos!💜

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