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What’s For Dinner? | Easy & Budget Friendly Meal Ideas | March 2020 | Julia Pacheco

Please watch: “COPYCAT IHOP Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe” –~– What’s for dinner? I’m showing you 5 …

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  1. Did anyone notice that the music happened to say time right when she showed the thyme seasoning? Also I love your channel, I found it yesterday and I already subscribed and found a bunch of recipes I want to try. By the way I am 16 and I love to cook and I love your cooking style.

  2. When I miss Japan, it is often a food memory that triggers the feeling. I love and miss Japanese cuisine.

    Sharing a meal makes people like each other or as the feel closer with strong bond.

    Eating the same food leads to trust and cooperation because they feel closer with the feeling of intimacy among those eating together, share the experience with eating and drinking.

  3. As usual everything looked great. I'm going to try your chicken parmesan for sure. Hope you're doing well in these trying times. God bless and keep you safe and healthy.❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️

  4. Everything looked super super delicious, How about a meatless Monday meal or a vegetarian meal? You and your family are so cute. I just love your dinner videos. I really love when young Moms cook dinners for their families, I feel like it is a lost art nowadays with so much doordash and postmates and food delivery, You make very yummy looking meals.

  5. Hi my awesome friend, thank you so much for sharing this awesome recipe it looks really yummy I love how you put your hamburger together with the seasonings I’ve never seen that fool you used in that video what is it called and where did you pick it up at? The one that was mixing the hamburger in the ceilings together. Thank you so much for this awesome video I love watching a good cooking video every chance I get. Please be safe don’t go out anymore than you have to to get through this terrible time we’re going through. I have been spending so much of my free time Checking out all your awesome videos out there love all you guys at create such awesome videos by bye for now my awesome friend

  6. We are having your chicken parm tonight! It, as well as everything else, looked great. You gave me great ideas again sweetie, using things we already have on hand too. (We're old, so we are staying in, especially with all this mess going on.) You guys stay safe too! Take care.

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