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  1. Mama! She looks beautiful in pink! I hope you both had a great Mother's Day 🙂 Hooray for a new microwave! LOL on the butter dish, you never knew what you would find in my mama's fridge in the "butter bowls" as she called them 🙂 No beets for me, long story, will NOT touch them. Childhood trauma, LOL! Burger with all the fixings, yummy. Veggie lasagna looks good, what all do you put in yours? Slops and tots always makes me giggle! I make lentil sloppy joes, which I love and Tim tolerates, have you tried with lentils as opposed to the meatless crumbles? Hooray, Mama TWO times! Love that pink and grey, she looks beautiful in pink! I'm so glad you are seeing your mama a lot, that makes my heart happy 🙂 Hard times, no meat, ha! Does Mama eat her watermelon with salt? I have to have salt, not sure if that's a southern thang or just the way I grew up 🙂 Yummy, I haven't gotten asparagus this spring, with everything going on, and guess I've about missed the window for good, pencil thin asparagus. Yours looks yummy! Great meals Jana! Hope y'all are all doing great, and please give your sweet Mama a big hug for me! Have a wonderful and blessed day —-Stacy 😍💚

  2. Hi mama hope you had a great Mother’s Day 💖
    and you too mrs empty nester!
    (Loved the hard times southern supper: reminds me of growing up and my own dear parents❤️❤️
    God bless you both❤️

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