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WHAT’S FOR DINNER? // EASY DINNER IDEAS // SIMPLE DINNER RECIPES Welcome back to another What’s for Dinner! I am all about easy and kid friendly …

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  1. I love making your sausage and potato meal. It is one of our favorites. I sometimes cook the potatoes just like you did, after about 10 minutes I add some chopped onion and a lb of ground meat. Once the ground meat is done I top it with cheddar cheese just like you did the skillet. We like the meal fixed that way too. I have even added a can of drained green beans to the sausage skillet too. When we do calzones we add all our filling into the dough and heat our sauce separately. When the calzones come out of the oven we dip them in the pizza sauce.

  2. Just found your channel! Loved your videos and ideas ❤️ definitely makin the calzones and for the burrito bowls next time u should make cilantro lime rice instead of plain white rice you wont regret it

  3. Wow, the food looked so yummy, will be trying these all out. I have an air fryer but have never thought about cooking different things in it, I normally just use it to cook chips in. Thank you for sharing. 😊👍💖

  4. A really good and easy crisping tip and the fries cook faster is to soak them for 30 mins in salted water works great also helps take some of the starch out of them

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