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WHAT’S FOR DINNER? // EASY DINNER IDEAS // SIMPLE DINNER RECIPES Welcome back to another What’s for Dinner! I am all about easy and kid friendly …

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  1. I just wanted to comment on your page. I’ve commented before with some tips for you. I think this page is fantastic for young moms (and even dads too) with families. I used to make a lot of family friendly budget stretching meals when I was in my 20’s and raising 3 kids, although I didn’t have the ability of searching things in the internet, because it didn’t exist (50’s here 💜). So I just think what you are doing by adding different meals that you can share with others weekly is fantastic! Keep up the great work 💜💜

  2. I love watching these videos of yours. Gives me so many ideas to try out new recipes and switch things up a bit. I’m definitely going to try your spaghetti version of lasagna and that Mac and cheese, so 🤤 & I think I’m convinced to buy an air fryer 😂

  3. Oh baked spaghetti! I’ve never tried that but I love lasagna so I’ll have to! Omg I always put bbq sauce on my Mac n cheese 🤣🤣 I always feel so weird but I’m glad it’s a real thing! These all looked so yummy!

  4. I don’t even have a meal plan this week yet. That Mac and cheese looks amazing! You know me and cheese. Also that chili is gorgeous I haven’t made that in forever.

  5. Hello my friend ✨✨ loving the sauce that goes on top of the noodles very interesting 💞💞 I have to try it. Everything looks so yummy totally hungry now ready for breakfast✨💖

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