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What's for Dinner? | Easy Family Dinner Ideas | March 2020

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  1. When I miss Japan, it is often a food memory that triggers the feeling. I love and miss Japanese cuisine.

    Sharing a meal makes people like each other or as the feel closer with strong bond.

    Eating the same food leads to trust and cooperation because they feel closer with the feeling of intimacy among those eating together, share the experience with eating and drinking.

  2. Both of the kids were actually speaking Spanish correctly lol your son said “the man eats apples” and then he said “I eat apples” and your daughter said “I eat bread” 😂 good job!

  3. I think it's so adorable that they are learning Spanish!! It's great to bi lingual, especially in the work field. My son is taking Spanish, so now he talks to me in Spanish a lot. I love it! Love your takeout night with the kids, you guys always seem to have lots of fun, even when ya'll are under the weather. I used to get UTI's a lot, drink lots of cranberry juice it helps prevent them. Hope you have a blessed day & week!!🤗 Get well, soon!!

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