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  1. I’m sorry 😐 I don’t like hello fresh videos. I LOVE your videos, but skip over these!! See you in the next one!! I realize this is an inspiration and I could recreate it, however, just not interested. Sorry 😐

  2. We love hello fresh too! We’ve made that Parmesan crusted chicken one it was yummy. Except somehow when I made it I accidentally missed the entire mayo/mustard step haha. Realized it after it was already breaded so I’m excited to try it the correct way. I love your videos ❤️ even the hello fresh ones!

  3. While using Hello Fresh isn't an option for us I love seeing your videos because of all the tips and diff things to use in the recipes! And we can always recreate them so a plus for us! Thanks for sharing

  4. I’m absolutely trying that chicken recipe out! I actually really enjoy trying the recipes out from meal delivery services. They are normally pretty unique and almost always amazing. Thanks Amanda!

  5. Oh, that parmesan-crusted chicken looked great! I learned the tip to coat the chicken with sour cream from Hello Fresh. I'll have to try the dijon and mayo combo. One of my family's favorite meals is a meal from Hello Fresh that I've recreated over and over again. It's the Lemon Rosemary Chicken Cutlets
    with Parmesan Couscous and Heirloom Grape Tomatoes.

  6. I like the hello fresh videos, they offer interesting techniques and inspiration. Nice break from the endless monotony of chili, jarred spaghetti sauce, shake and bake, ranch in everything…

  7. How do you find Hello Fresh compares to your normal grocery budget? I've always been curious and want to try it out, but have been hesitant because right now it's just my husband and I eating dinners (we do give our son a little bit of what we eat, but he's only 8 months old so he doesn't need a full portion). We are on a pretty tight budget since I've stopped working my normal full time hours so I can be home with the little one, just curious if this is worth the money. Right now for the three of us, we spend about 250 a month for food for my husband and my sons formula and we really can't afford to go any more than that.

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