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What's for Dinner | Easy Family Meals | February 2020

We love letters! P.O. Box 55395, Lexington KY 40555 PRODUCTS I LOVE: Mix ‘n Chop – Kids Divided Plates – …

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  1. When I miss Japan, it is often a food memory that triggers the feeling. I love and miss Japanese cuisine.

    Sharing a meal makes people like each other or as the feel closer with strong bond.

    Eating the same food leads to trust and cooperation because they feel closer with the feeling of intimacy among those eating together, share the experience with eating and drinking.

  2. Yum! Haven't tried Five Guys. Will definitely have to try them out. Yes, girl! The flu is spreading rapid, this year!! Ugh! Once again my son has it & since I have been taking care of him, I have it now & my mom. So, we've been all sick. Lots of prayers, please. Thanks for all your great dinners. Love them all!!

  3. Jackson you are an awesome helper in the kitchen! I wish I had someone to help me like you help your mom. I wouldn't be surprised to see you on Food Network one day! Great job! Alice, your drawing is beautiful.

  4. It is sooo awesome you have Jackson helping in the kitchen! I wish someone would have taught me how to cook like this! Had to learn on my own and recreate…such a great momma! 💜

  5. I've never seen the ranch & herb Shake & Bake. How is it? I recently found a buffalo flavored Shake & Bake on clearance at Wal-Mart & my family loved it! I can't eat spicy foods due to my stomach ulcers so mine was just plain Jane 😡.
    Jackson is killing it in the kitchen!! Great job buddy!! That will make for some great boyfriend/husband skills many, many, many years from now. Nothing like a cute man that can cook ❣️❣️

  6. Love the meals this week. Jackson done a great job. Side note. I remember you saying that you all took elderberry syrup or gummies. Did you know what they affect autoimmune disorders. Xxx

  7. hi, tiffanie! i've never heard of school closing due to illnesses but it seems to be a wise decision. so many bad viruses this year and concern over what is coming. food looked great – hope your feeling better too. ~k

  8. Always love seeing the kids get involved!! Great job Jackson!! Always enjoy watching your videos. Have a great week.quick question?? How do you get your shake and bake to turn out so good looking?? I've tried it several times and it always Burns and sticks to the pan.

  9. Way to go Jackson on helping in the kitchen. Alice great job on your drawing and coloring. Delicious meals. I'm going to add a few of these this week to our meal plan. Alice's hair is beautiful. Hope y'all have a great evening/ day and week. Hope y'all are feeling a lot better.

  10. You have such a sweet kitchen helper! We love the Krusteaz pancake mix too…so quick and easy! Everyone has been talking about air fryers lately. They sound awesome! 😊

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