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Check out what’s for dinner this week! Cook with me in this video as we make meals such as keto meatballs over alfredo & spinach dip porkchops! I hope you …

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  1. Everything looks amazing Nicole! That egg pizza looks so good. I have some leftover turkey. I need to try that. & that casserole! Looks really filling & delicious as well. Thank you for sharing as always. I’m meal prepping for this week right now. I’m trying your wedding cupcakes this week. Can’t wait to try them.

  2. I used kettle and fire broccoli and cheese soup and it was horrible. I have the other ones but I don’t know if I want to use them. Do you incorporate the soups in meals like a broth/stock?

  3. Tuesday will be tacos with cheese shells. I wanted to make Dat Keto Lady’s “refried beans” but I can’t find the marinated veggies at Walmart. I will look tomorrow at Tom Thumb but if I can’t find them, I’ll just have the tacos and that’s it.

  4. These are great! I'm saving these recipe ideas for the future. We are doing basic dinners here- proteins and produce (grilled chicken salads, pork chops with broccoli and cheese sauce, and so on). However we did make the Southern Keto broccoli and beef casserole and it was 😋. Going to make the Southern Keto chili this week. Thank you for introducing me to this cookbook!

  5. I've been watching you since forever and ive always admire your keto recipies and I finally hit the bullet and finished my first week on keto and lost 8lbs. I love it. You always give such great advice.. Hello from Indiana 🙂

  6. I made the egg pizza last weekend and it was fabulous. I think if it tastes too eggy they probably didn't put enough seasoning. Need to try your 90 second bread now./Kathy

  7. Where do you get your avocados?? I got a bag of 6 at Walmart last week and I ate only 3 . When I cut the other 3 it was all splotchy gray nasty looking. Soo disappointed.

  8. I went to scroll through the comments during the video ( love multitasking ) and was so shocked to see none. It's 12:30am in Australia and I should be in bed but am catching up on YouTube. Between all your food looked delicious, even with split sauce.

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