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WHAT'S FOR DINNER – Easy meals with chicken

Welcome to another What’s for Dinner video where I show you what our family eats. These are all pretty quick, easy meals with chicken. Hopefully, these give …

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  1. So the video for some reason just quit playing during the first recipe. I noticed you don't have any of the recipes listed or linked. I would like to check out the orange chicken with rice recipe. I know you have what you had but it doesn't have the recipe

  2. Do you know what brand the chicken tenders are from sams? I love chicken tenders but my hubby is picky about the texture and taste of premade ones. Yours looks like a winner.

  3. you were too funny with your husband cutting the tomatoes! It is all about the knife when you are cutting Tomatoes. If you use one that's $2 at won't work and if you use a serrated one it tears the Tomato apart. you have to find just the perfect one

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