Welcome back to this weeks, What’s for Dinner?! This video is packed full of amazing, easy weeknight recipes, as well as some delicious and easy appetizers!

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  1. I love 💕 how excited you two get over food and love watching you two cook together. I plan on starting a channel soon would love to colas with you when the time comes.

  2. I stumbled across your channel not too long ago looking for Super Bowl appetizers. Now I’m starting to watch you guys from the beginning. You guys are the cutest and I can’t wait to try the bacon and cheese cups. Love from Chicago!

  3. Girl y’all are seriously my FAV! You bring me so much inspiration in not only the kitchen, but in my relationship and most importantly your sweet personality! I love that you have so much fun with YouTube and y’all are so consistent and genuine. Keep it up, we love it!

  4. Hi Bunkies!!! Tip for you: if you don't have sharp knives for slicing meat FREEZE your meat just for like 10-15 mins. It'll be nice and firm and wayyyyy easier to cut! And it's only a few mins so it wont affect cooking times or anything 🙂

  5. I've made the dressing and Kale Salad three times now! It's also become my new favorites! I also added a few finely grates of lemon zest in the dressing for zing. I can't get enough! Thank you for sharing. 😋😀

  6. Ya’ll made me so hungry watching this video! Just both of ya’lls reaction love it! Can’t wait to try that pesto chicken recipe.

  7. Jess, I’m not sure which one of your delicious recipes I’m going to make first. They all look so yummy!! On your blue cheese bites I have never tried them that way. I have only tried them where I melt the butter garlic and cheese together and toss all the triangles in the melted mixture and then place them on a sheet pan and bake at the temp and time on the package and they come out of the oven little puff bites. But I can’t wait to try them your way as pull aparts!!

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