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Hey friendsI hope you enjoyed this video cuz i sure did enjoy making it for you guys!! -Thanx for the LOVE & SUPPORT ♡ -PLEASE DON’T forget to give this …

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  1. It's 4:18am enjoying your Great Recipes idea's
    Well making my man a Full on Breakfast lol🤣I'm doing the Wraps tomorrow YummmO
    Thanks for sharing with All of Us xoxox
    Yall Stay Safe
    God's Blessings…

  2. O my gosh girl…. this my kinda wrap yess avocado inside yes that's how I cook my meat till I see a lil burnt crispy part for my meat Luv Luv Taco Tuesday!!! Its my my kitchen do what I want for my Family tell them haters Girl👊O K 👊 Tortas look so good I'm gonna make some 4 lunch them chilli dogs u cooking it up
    Cant wait 4 next video 😊

  3. I never use gloves when mixing my meat. Who cares its better with your hands and people act as if we cant wash our hands. The burn parts are the best thats all the flavor

  4. Love your video great sense of humor, and down to earth personalities.
    Ima do some of those tacos this weekend for my family, keep coming with the ideas honey hahaha 🤭

  5. ommmmg I'm so making the tortas tomorrow for breakfast and thee chili cheese dogs for dinner looks soooo delicious thanks girl keep them coming

  6. That's me too girl, I love how you cook and the awesome ideas you give us😍👍🏼 my favorite was the hot dogs🌭🌭🌭🌭 I'm adding those to my shopping list for next week, thanks so much, love you girl 🌷💕💕💕💕

  7. 😂😂had me rolling when you said girl if you on a diet click out. Mannnn. Those Blt wraps would of been bomb with my homemade tortillas 😉my corri says they aren’t wraps they are burritos.. 😂 Now I am hungry again watching this. Exactly that is your house and kitchen you do you girl. Thank you for watching meeee❤️❤️

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