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Welcome back to this weeks What’s for dinner?! I hope you are ready for some incredible, yummy, dinners! This week I am bringing you 2 of my favorite recipes …

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  1. I laughed so hard watching this one 😂 but use gloves cutting up jalapenos…. since he likes a little spicey use 2 leave seeds in and dice up the rest it looks good …

  2. You could make it a true dip by slicing up the roasted jalepenos and shredding the chicken instead of cubing it!!!! I'm SO going to try it! Thanks to y'all for the idea!

  3. I made your jalapeño poppers and have fallen in love. I have never been a cream cheese fan but with the mozzarella cheese…oh my! I have made them 4 times in 2 and a half weeks. 😂Amazing!

  4. Everything looks so good! I recently started watching your videos. I have been watching older videos as well. You have given me great ideas for dinner for my family.

  5. I’m making the jalapeño chicken goodness dish tonight 😋!! My boyfriend and I watch your videos together (he calls me bunky from time to time now 🤣❤️) we mutually agreed we just had to make this ASAP!! Thanks so much as usual for the awesome videos ☺️

  6. That hibachi 🤤 We just got a Blackstone and I am so excited to do hibachi night!!! I’ve always heard to use “day old” rice for the best fried rice – cook it and then let sit in the fridge overnight.

  7. And I desire more butter .. I agree .. Best thing to say when your cooking ! Both recipes look yummy.. We have a Blackstone and love it ! Y'all are so cute together ❤

  8. I am making our version of Japanese tonight. My 9 year old son’s favorite!! Def try cooking your rice the day before & put it in the refrigerator … makes all the difference!

  9. New subscriber, and just wanted to say I think I'll have to double the amount of jalapenos in the cheesy chicken casserole. Your Mr. B's instinct about rice with this dish sounds right on to me. I'm a California fan loving your channel.

  10. Yes next time, cook your “jasmine” rice the day before you plan to cook and put it in the fridge over night. 😉😋 yum! We love our hibachi grille. We cook the same Myabi food 😋

  11. It’s so funny seeing the package of food lion cheddar cheese because I shop at Hannaford (sister store to food lion) here in NH and the packaging looks exactly the same besides the store name!! Also, the hibachi looked amazing!!! 🙌🏻

  12. Didn’t read all the comments, and maybe you know and just wanted homemade, but they’d sell the white sauce/yum yum sauce at grocery stores in the international aisle.

  13. My recipe is a lot like the one you made but the jalapenos are rough chopped and it calls for also a 1/2 cup mayo, garlic powder, mrs. Dash and noodles. Otherwise same ingredients as you added in your original recipe.

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