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Welcome back to this weeks, What’s for dinner?! I am bring you some easy and delicious weeknight recipes that will be perfect for your family! Just like most of …

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️ I just love you! And how ironic we both went for simple meals this week!!!! Love it.

  2. Marriage goals💞 walking tacos been around for so long I really think she ate it before an dont remember

  3. I absolutely love your page!!!! We definitely sisters in my mind! Lol! Im trying the chicken parm tonight!!! I'm so excited!

  4. I love how Bunkey is always like "oh we need some more of that" haha! Another amazing video. I'm totally binging and you're making me drool. lol

  5. Y'all are just too cute! I love a wardrobe mullet. I dress my toddler in them and my husband teases me. Have you guys tried the crockpot sour cream cream of chicken stuffing chicken? It is yummy and so easy. I love your whats for dinner videos. They are my go to when I cant sleep.

  6. I've used those chicken tenderloins to make chicken parmesan stuffed shells and it was SO GOOD.

  7. I made the chicken parm with the southern breast tenderloins today! Yum yum yum! That is going in the rotation for sure, just like the ceasar chicken which I’ve made twice and it’s SOOO good!!! I love your tip with adding the garlic and the oregano to the Parmesan sprinkled on top!!! That needs to be added to my chicken spaghetti recipe for sure to add some zest & flavor!!!! Love Love Love!!! My mouth is watering right now! 🍝

  8. Where are you from? Im from South Carolina and im trying to figure out where you're from by your accent lol Kentucky?

  9. I just add my lettuce sour cream and salsa in my quesadilla when I make it.🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. We use Fritos corn chips for walking tacos and melted cheese. It’s so good. I live up north so maybe that’s why it’s different from yours

  11. Wow! I just made that chicken last night. It was awesome!!! Will for sure be on the weekly menu. Love your channel.

  12. I made the tacodilla, sooooo good! We bought Jennie-O taco seasoned turkey sausage (kinda tastes like chorizo) on a whim and it turned out pretty good. I added green onions, and put Trader Joe's taco sauce and sour cream inside, game changer when all melted.

  13. You two are freakin hilarious. I love watching you. And I can’t wait to make a tacodeilla. Lol

  14. Looks like good eating! We would have salad with the chicken meals …but we have a side salad almost every night. I am wanting chicken parm now. We haven’t had it in a long time! Planning a taco night soon…always a fave. This weekend I plan on having homemade buttermilk pancakes today (Saturday) and cooking a turkey tomorrow…turkey soup on Monday… Tuesday I will make Tater Tot casserole

  15. girl, my husband said the same thing about my nails!! lol!! There's nowhere to go get them done! lol!!

  16. For the doritos crush them just a little. Then add refried beans also! I take that to work for left overs and omg so good

  17. Mrs. Bunky, my almost 20 year old daughter Cierra does that all the time with her nails too, she will only polish one hand and never finish the other one. It's okay, you both are making fashion statements 🤣

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