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Welcome back to another week of What’s for dinner?! I love brining you some easy weeknight meals that you can cook for your family in no time! I can’t wait to …

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  1. If you can't stand "squishy" foods, how is creamy dips (Buffalo chicken etc..) Cream cheese based food any different?? Judging by the few videos I've chain watched, it seems to me you love creamy cheesy mooshy casserole type meals.

  2. hang in there sweetie, they say our taste buds change every 7 years, and i think its true because i like things i did not used to! i used to hate onions, now as long as they are sweet or vidalia onions i love them sauteed on low to medium heat til they are golden brown! they are soooo sweet! love you guys!!

  3. I ALWAYS butterfly my chicken too! You’ve GOT TO get the “Close & Cut” from Pamered Chef! It has changed my life! So easy to butterfly chicken. You can use it for bagels and many other things! Love it! I’ve only purchased very few items from pampered chef but this is by far my favorite

  4. Oh my gosh.
    Just made the chicken Alfredo ravioli bake.
    🙌🙌🙌 SO GOOD! I will never buy a jar of Alfredo ever again! I used mushroom ravioli because I can’t have ricotta. Delicious. My husband and I will be making this again!!

  5. I love watching your all’s videos! Your man is a lot more knowledgeable about cooking than mine is, but bless his heart, he tries. I love watching you two because you guys remind me of my man and I so much. Some of the things Mr. Bunkey says and does sounds so much like what my man does, and I always just smile and giggle. It’s so heart warming!!

  6. I just love all of your passion for yummy food! You both are such warm people. Please write a cookbook filled with all your love. 🙏📕 💕

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