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What's For Dinner? Feb 23, 2020 | Easy Weeknight Meals | Cooking for Two

Hey Y’all! We’ve got some easy dinner ideas for you in our latest “What’s For Dinner” video! We have some easy and some healthy meals for you this week, plus …

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  1. Hi Stacy! I love Innovasion frozen meals. I didn’t realize they had them at Sam’s. Good job on your using up your pantry and freezer items! Howard would love your air fryer potato wedges. I may have to try out your recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Stacy! I hope your Asian food was as good as you hoped! No Chinese restaurant since December!! Oh my, I bet you’ll be very excited for the next time you get to go out to eat there. What a great deal for that chicken!! I always forget to download the Ibotta app although I did use it at one point. I need to start again! I love seeing all your friends from church. 😀 Do they all know they are on YouTube? I have never told any of my co-workers or even friends from church that we do this. Some of Shadds co-workers watch though. For all I know, my co-workers and friends do too but nobody says anything lol I don’t know why I don’t say anything but I think you’re so brave I’m bringing out your camera with your friends! I couldn’t wait to crawl into bed tonight and watch your video!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 😘 Oh! And I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well! I hope you’re feeling better now! 🤗

  3. I hope you are feeling better! I love taco salad. So versatile and I always have the ingredients for it. I do mine with chicken quite a bit of the time.

  4. I really need to get me an air fryer. All the stuff you cooking yours looks so good. And if I did get one I can have potato logs. All the meals looked wonderful as always Stacy. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  5. Hi Stacy! Another great week of meals! Good thing I already ate dinner – otherwise I’d be starving from seeing all this yummy food! LOL Tim is so funny – so so, Tso Tso! 😂. Burgers, fries, and coleslaw looked yummy! I haven’t had a burger in a while – but got a hello fresh box delivered this week and there is a recipe and ingredients for burgers in there so I’ll be having them this week! Your meals out looked delicious too! Thanks so much for sharing! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! ♥️🤗

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