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WHAT’S FOR DINNER? // FREEZER MEALS //EASY & FAMILY FRIENDLY DINNER IDEAS Welcome back to another What’s for Dinner video! But this time, I am …

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  1. okay, yeah that tatertot hot dish looks good! Cheese would definitely be going on mine. cheese is never optional here. haha! I love your teal pan that you made the lasagna in! I had never made lasagna before making it for my cousins freezer meals. Ive never really liked it because of the ricotta but I knew it was one of her favorites. I need to try it with cottage cheese though.

  2. Sorry to bother you with this, but you said you made your rice in the oven and would link that recipe in the description, but it's not there. I love rice but didnt know you could make it in the oven, that sounds so convenient. Please let me know where that recipe is. Again, thank you! 👋😊💕🙏I just watched another one of your what's for dinners and you DID link the recipe, wow that looks so easy!

  3. That chicken fried rice looks soooo good. I never know how to add my eggs when I make it. 🤣 can’t wait to try this!! I’ve never heard of making them rice in the oven! 🤤😋

  4. The tater tot casserole is an interesting dish, I've never heard or seen anything like what you just made. I gotta give it a try! It's such a good idea making freezer meals, saves soooo much time.

  5. I made the tater tot casserole but I made it a breakfast casserole kind of and used Nicole burgess recipe & turkey sausage! my family went crazy for it lol. I want to try it your way now with the veggies

  6. I just did a tater tot casserole on my channel and commented that it wasn’t healthy at all. After seeing this, I’m adding the veggies! I’ve also never put the cheese under the tater tots, I’m going to try that next time as well.

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