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What's for Dinner? | Frugal Family Meals | Budget Meal Plan | May 2020

what’s for dinner? Frugal & budget friendly family meals for you this week! Kung Pao Chickpeas – …

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  1. In the air fryer how do you do the green beans and asparagus I tried cooking asparagus in the air fryer they did not turn out good so I was wondering how do you do it thank you 😊

  2. I’m sorry but I have to agree with Will on this one 😂 black olives & pineapple?!?! Two of my most hated things!

    On another hand them BLTs looked so good I immediately went and defrosted some bacon so we can have some for lunch 😋

  3. I enjoy more when you seem a little less rushed and show us the steps to making the recipes – not the BLT obviously, but some of the others. Thanks for including the two recipes.

  4. hi,can i ask something?i saw ur vlog on taking humira.n i'm going to take my first dose in coming week.i just wanna know how is ur health after taking humira?do u see any improvements?

  5. Hey girl… tell Will (the peanut gallery) that his sounds regarding your Pizza Night were not nice.. LOL!!!🤣🤣 He'd put PB&J (Whoo) on his pizza if you'd let him!! 💜💜

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