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What's For Dinner? Jan 10, 2021 | Cooking for Two | Easy Weeknight Meals

Hey Y’all! We are back with some really easy weeknight meals for you, and we show you how we make each one. Our recipe links are always listed below!

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  1. Hi Stacy and Tim! My fiancé and I just found your channel today and we can’t stop watching your videos! (We cook for two as well) We’re now both happily subscribed to your channel! Keep up the great work 😁

  2. I usually play yt when I’m folding laundry or doing some other task but I really like to designate some “me” time so I can sit down and enjoy yours.
    I laugh every time you mention your husband’s food preferences differing from your own.
    I often just go ahead and make things I know he’ll enjoy but every now and again I’ll do something for me!
    I am writing that chicken santa fe down!
    Man I love sloppy Joe’s. I made them for the first time for the kids and they wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Who’s kids are these??!
    I started watching you quite some time ago and Youre where I learned to bloom my spices!
    Nothing like an easy chicken sandwich! I was raised on the ones from the Schwann man 😂
    I sat down with paper plates the other day and my husband goes, “oh you got out the fancy stuff tonight”
    He is so cheeky, such a comedian.
    My daughter is watching and when she recognizes an item she’ll announce, “spoon!” “Leaves!” (Salad) “cheese!”
    And if she doesn’t recognize something she’ll say, “pizza!”

    Thank you for sharing. You brightened my afternoon!

  3. The headband sounds like a great option for those that do Alot of vlogging and need hands free . Very cool. Dinner looked great ,YUM!
    I personally have not stopped going ,but have cut down on the more needless appts such as hair and nails and things like that. With Dr,my husband's have been virtual visits and I only had one Dr visit and I physically went to see him. It was very strange to go.

  4. Everything looked Delicious! Thank you for some Great meal ideas!💕 Really like your new Pyrex! Loooove ❣️ the idea of using your dad's old shirts!👍

  5. Hi Stacy! Look at you using up stuff from your freezer and pantry. You really did a great job. Howard and I love spicy, so I'll have to look for those chicken breasts next time I'm at Sam's. I love that fabric trivet your sister made. That's such a great idea! Lots of yummy Mexican food this week. I was thinking of making some enchiladas myself. I hope you and Tim are doing well and staying warm. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hello Stacy and Tim!
    Better late than never right!! I look forward to your What's For Dinner videos on Sunday but my day yesterday was filled with one catastrophe after another. Credit card fraud being the biggest catastrophe and our vinyl windows are developing mold from the condensation. It has been cold here in southeast Texas. Right now the real feel is 28°
    I am just trying to keep my eyes focused on Jesus. I am still overwhelmed but He will help me to do one thing at a time.
    You have me craving wild rice soup and Mexican food after watching this what's for dinner. I enjoy very spicy foods. I would enjoy those spicy chicken patties. I need to try and make those sometime.
    Trivets from your Daddys old shirts. What a special gift. Brings tears to my eyes. My son and husband are Star Wars nerds. I bought them matching Yoda shirts for Christmas.
    Your voice just sooths me.
    Hope you and Tim had a wonderful and blessed week and weekend. And prayers to you both for a blessed week this week.🙏❤😘

  7. Have you ever made a salad and then after tasting it realized the ingredients just didn’t mix well?? I get kinda nervous throwing lots of stuff in a salad because sometimes things don’t mix well haha

  8. I love your Stove !! Ihave decided to get one like but with griddle in the middle and a convection with the broiler located within the oven section…..No more drawers underneath to broil— can keep pots and pans down there now!!!!

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