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What's For Dinner? Jan 19, 2020 | Cooking for Two | Easy Weeknight Meals

Hey Y’all! We are back with a new week of meals, including several easy home cooked dinners! We hope you enjoy all the food in this week’s “What’s For …

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  1. Hi Stacy! Shadd and I watched this together! He was drooling over your food lol His favorite was the beef and broccoli and he wants to “give your grain bowl a whirl.” Lol Shadd also says that if he was there then he and Tim could eat all f pizzas! 😂 Are those California Pizza Kitchen pizzas actually good? I’ve been to the actual restaurant one or two times and it was really good but I wasn’t sure about their frozen pizzas. Your sweet friend from church was so cute!!! All of you ladies know how to put out a good spread of food!!! Well, we are on our way to IKEA. It’s about a 45 minute drive and it’s raining but we are enjoying our extra day off! I hope you are having a nice and relaxing day!!! 🤗

  2. Hi Stacy! Sloppy Joe’s with cheese sound yummy! Your beef & broccoli looks delicious. It’s one of only a few Asian dishes that Keith likes. I love breakfast for dinner (or any time!) I just finished teaching my classes this morning and treated myself to a fried egg sandwich, so good! Have a great week 😊

  3. Everything looked delicious! I've made the beef and broccoli also using Natasha's recipe and my husband and I enjoyed it too.. she has a youtube channel and that is another place I go to for meal ideas! 😊

  4. Would you make a chicken stir fry. My chicken breast is always dry and I need to know what spices I need for the sauce. I love chicken stir fry but I’ve never had success making it and you’re such an amazing cook I know it will be awesome. Thanks. Btw what projects is Tim working on? It’s fun to see him in the videos

  5. Hi Stacy! Everything looked delicious – another week of great meals! The beef and broccoli looked yummy. I want to try that. I LOVE avocado toast!!! So tasty. Except no egg for me! It looks like you enjoyed your meals out. It is always nice to enjoy a meal with friends! I love Longhorn too – we go there quite a bit – I just love their steak! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 🤗♥️

  6. I'm going to have to try that beef and broccoli. It looks pretty good! I'm not sure though about the sesame seeds on top, although I do really love sesame sticks so I might like the seeds as well.

  7. Hi sweet friend , Stacy!!! I know it was Louisiana but did you and Tim watch them play against Clemson?? I didn’t. My flax egg comment I didn’t reply back to you about that, I just love it and think it’s the neatest thing!! It’s just like rice you double the water to the flax. Can’t even taste them 🙂 The highlight of my week this week is going to the health food store (even better than my regular grocery store) and getting 99 cent avocados! 😂 I have been loving getting my grapefruits at the store again. Citrus season is in winter and so as pomegranates 😍 Can never find them In any other seasons! I’m very impressed with all your healthy recipes. I know you think sometimes you eat unhealthy but that’s A-OK!!! Balance. Some of your meals are healthier than mine and I’m the vegan 😂 Your friends melted my heart!! Talk soon!!💜💚💜💚💜

  8. Everything looks delicious Stacy! Love the look of the stir fry and I often have avocado on toast usually with vegemite! I love having a salad bowl for lunch. I see Tim getting into the cooking as well! Happy day from Sally and the fur crew! 😊💗💗

  9. So glad you had fun with friends and got to enjoy some time out. I'm like you, even if we just split a lunch special at the Chinese place in the nearest town (an hour away) I am so full, I just want something very light for dinner. We always save our rice for the chickens, ha! ha! They love it and as my husband is diabetic and there's always so much food anyway, it's fun to bring the babies home a treat. I wanted to mention that you can purchase sesame seeds in bulk and toast them (watch them close) say in a toaster oven or on a cookie sheet) I'd line it with foil, which can be re-used, but it will make transferring the cooled, toasted seeds into a jar or container much easier. I usually just keep mine in a jar in the freezer. Then, let's say I'm topping some teriyaki chicken, I can grab what I need and they are as fresh as when I toasted them. I often use green onions as a topper as well. When you purchase them, try to buy the ones that look nice of course, and ones with good roots. After chopping, using what you need and putting the rest into a little Pyrex in the fridge, take a small jar or a small juice glass, add some water, not too much, but cover the roots and a little more. If you will place those in a window, those green onions will re-grow. You can get a couple cuttings from them before composting. This works especially well in warmer months, but works just fine this time of year also.

  10. Sloppy Joe's, breakfast, beef and broccoli, pizza and salad! EVERYTHING looks so good Stacy! Oh, and that spread with your friends 🙂 I am drooling 😉
    Have a good night you two!

  11. I always use ground turkey to make sloppy joes! Breakfast yum, and look at the cute juice glasses! You like them? Avocado toast is one of my favorites too 🙂 Oh  I also love grain bowls, you're doing good using the tahini. Did you have to leave it out long to get it to pour? Looks like some fun times eating out!

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