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What's For Dinner? Jan 3, 2021 | Cooking for Two | Easy Meals | New Years

Hey Y’all! We have a lot of easy & delicious meals for you this week, including our New Years meals! We’ve got several super easy meals that we prepared …

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  1. Ignore the people saying “don’t make so many things in the air fryer!” They need to get with the times and get a damn air fryer! They’re not expensive anymore! Sheesh!

  2. NO!!!! Please don't stop showing Air Fryer options! You show things I never think about to use my AF!! I am happy that more packages now do include AF instructions, too. Thanks, Stacy! Happy New Year!!

  3. Yum spaghetti,nice bread,I use dill pickle in our tarter sauce to,I love shrimp happy new year,I love black eyed peas, glory greens are good ,yum ham steak, cabbage yummy,yum spicy chicken sandwich,great meals happy new year

  4. New years Eve a ice storm took out our power stayed off two days , froze ate crackers and we're sick 🤢😷,I love salads of any kinds, lobster cakes look good,yum 😋 hot toasty sandwich,love potato logs,chili cheese fries yum 😋

  5. Hey Stacy! It was nice of you to still make the videos during the holidays. You were cracking me up about the greens. 😂 I feel the same way though. No thanks! We share your same sediment about New Year’s Eve as do most of our friends. We had frozen pizza and finished off the Christmas cookies. lol I have got to start getting back to salads also. The sweets I’ve been eating. Ughhh.
    I enjoy the air fryer recipes. I bet it’s hard trying to please everyone. Some like the Alexa timer, some don’t, etc. Hopefully you just do whatever is easiest and works for you especially considering all the work/time you put into doing these. I love how you use what you have on hand. I would never think to put chili on potato logs. 🤦‍♀️ That’s going on the menu at some point! Take care. 😊

  6. Sooo I try to watch all of the ads to benefit the creator but did anyone else get the 3 min long steak cooking ad ?! I watched the whole thing and it was just a steak cooking 😂🙈

  7. Hey there 😀 I don't like black eyed peas either. I think they taste like dirt. I normally will eat a bite on New Year's day..but I didn't this year. It sure did nothing last year. I do like turnip greens, but normally get those in the frozen section. I like pinto beans and corn bread with them. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year.

  8. Happy New Year! Glad to know the spicy chicken from Sam’s is good, I have been eyeing them. Girl, you cook what you two want and how you want and record it and I will watch! You can’t please everyone! People get my feathers ruffled complaining about others videos! Give me a soap box please! Love you sweet friend!

  9. Hi Stacy!! It’s Jenny from UT. Yay! For chili fries, so good and easy. We all like those here, except my 12 yr old. She hates beans in everything.. she’s missing out 🙂
    So I honestly had no idea that there was an air fryer converter… I use mine a lot and just guess. Thanks for sharing!! Hope u had a nice New Years.. I’ll get that dumpling recipe to you shortly.. ❤️💜

  10. I have lived in the south my entire life and I've never ate the "traditional new years day food". I can't get past the smell, the looks, or the texture of the greens. I can't imagine I would like them so I never tried them. The same with the black eyed peas. I guess the name says a lot for them. Lol they look like little eyes looking at you and then peas. I cant stand peas. I love that you did put a couple little peas in your plate though, even if it was just for the camera. That made me laugh.
    I love watching your shows. Keep the videos coming. 😃

  11. 10:33…I THOUGHT you were going to say, (in your sweet, polite voice, of course) "…but I record what I make for dinner. So if that involves making our dinner in an air fryer, then that is what will be filmed."
    But, of course, you were the mannerly lady that you are and suggested an alternative without addressing how rude it was to be told how to film your videos/make your dinner. (Although I am sure you probably didn't even see it that way..I am cynical. haha)
    Your videos are great. Thank you. 💓

  12. If it's green and has a leaf, it's in the pot! My daughter's motto is " the bitter the better." She's not big on black eyed peas. We have adjusted/ bent the menu over the years. That might be why we have such bad luck! Thank you and Tim for taking the time to share with us. I enjoy your channel very much. Your meals are fresh and creative. They also looked delicious. 💕💕

  13. Happy New Year Stacy and Tim! I always stay up and see the New Year in. It's good luck for the year. My dad was Scottish and it's a big thing in Scotland! All the meals looked delicious! I've never seen such a huge ham steak! Definitely American style! All food and servings are bigger over in the USA! It's quite an eye opener to people from other countries! Lol Ww're eating leftover fritata tonight! Happy day from Sally and the fur crew! 😆❤

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