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What's For Dinner? Jan 5, 2020 | Cooking for Two | Easy Enchilada Casserole

Hey Y’all! We are back with a new week of meals, including several easy home cooked dinners! We hope you enjoy all the food in this week’s “What’s For …

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  1. Heyyy Stacy I've been missing you hope your doing well it seems like you had a great Christmas and New Year!! You ham steak looks delicious and your cabbage looked amazing yummy!! Your enchiladas looked delicious I do the same but sometimes use tostitos cheese and sour cream and put on top definitely not healthy but very yummy!!

  2. Happy New Year!! Your family celebrations always look great! We had steak and potatoes for our New Year’s dinner, and I held off making the black eyed peas until yesterday for Keith’s birthday (one of his favorites.) Your spontaneous enchiladas look delicious. I have an old recipe that uses evaporated milk as a base for a creamy enchilada sauce (add chicken broth, chili powder, cumin, and thicken with flour.) That’s a nice substitute in a pinch if you’re out of canned sauce. Hope y’all have a great week 😊

  3. You could start a Cooking ASMR channel. Lol. I really liked the up close cooking demos. 😁

    Also, the enchiladas looked amazing! I went to a very expensive Mexican/Spanish restaurant tonight to celebrate my best friend's birthday. I had chicken enchiladas, which would have been wonderful except they used, I assume, cheap canned tomato sauce. It could have been Ragu, it was that blah and without seasoning. Kinda ruined it all. I LOVE a good mole sauce but not many restaurants offer it. So, I definitely would not order that with that sauce again. Plus it was one of those restaurants with super loud music (kinda why we went there, as my friend's nephew just turned one years old and is in that screaming phase….lol).

  4. Great meals as always Stacy! That ham steak was amazingly big! I've never seen anything like that here apart from a whole leg of ham for Christmas! The enchiladas with the avocado looked yummy! Happy day from all of us at Superbellabeau! 😊💗

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