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What's For Dinner? Mar 1, 2020 | Easy Weeknight Meals | Cooking for Two | Real Life Dinners

Hey Y’all! We’ve got some easy dinner ideas for you in our latest “What’s For Dinner” video! We have some easy and some healthy meals for you this week, plus …

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  1. I have a chicken stir fry recipe that I've had since I was a teenager. It's THE ONLY stir fry recipe that I will make. I have no idea where I even got it from but it's the first recipe I ever cooked on my own and it's the recipe I learned to like rice with. I love it because it uses simple ingredients that I really love. I may have to change it up a bit though and try adding cabbage next time. I really love cooked cabbage but I've never thought to add it to my stir fry. It sounds good!

    I have some of that herb butter steak from Sam's. I tried it awhile back but I really didn't like it. I just heated it up and had it with a side of cheese rice. I've still got the 2nd pack from the box left that I hate to let go to waste. Your steak salad looked really good. I may have to try the rest of the steak that way. Maybe I'll like it better 😁

  2. Your poor hand!!! What was the shot supposed to do? Does your doctor or the specialist know what’s going on and how to fix it? I think you are the QUEEN 👸 of pantry meals! You come up with the best food and know exactly how to season. Hi Betty from Bible study! Your rotel cups looked really good! We’re those cakes homemade? They looked so fancy! Very southern and I love it!! You and Tim are so funny with your bloopers lol I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to watch your video. It’s been such a busy week! I hope your week is going well!!❤️

  3. So sorry your hand is still giving you so much trouble  🙁  All your meals looked really good, you know my favorite was the Chinese nite… we had some frozen sweet and sour chicken and chicken fried rice and eggrolls on Sun nite too.  🙂  Hope your hand gets better soon. Thanks so much for sharing, take care and be blessed.  P. S. we are on baby Lillie watch she is due any day now… WOOHOOOO  🙂

  4. That hand has given you fits for too long. I hope the shot helped. I know from experience how chronic pain effects everything that we do. Your meals looked delicious this week. I love stir fry but Mark is not very fond of chicken. He will only eat it a few ways. I can do a chicken fajita and he occasionally will eat a chicken club sandwich. He could eat ground beef 7 days a week. I get tired trying to find new ways to fix it. Tonight I am doing a baked ziti , salad and garlic bread.

  5. El Cut O. Lol. So funny. Haha. Wow Stacy, your meals this week are REALLY REALLY YUMMY LOOKING!!! I really need to do some greek dinner stuff!!! I did have unauthentic asian food last nite. Yours looks much more authentic than mine! The bible study really know how to make some good grub!!! It looked like Tim had his hands in it. lol.

  6. I love the filo cups idea…I will have to make. Bible studies…or gatherings👩‍🦳❤❤
    I pray..your hand..okay 🙏..I know how painful arthritis is and the treatments 😩

  7. Everything looks delicious! Sorry your still getting problems with your hand. Don’t think it’s endo related? Just because I have problem with my inner elbow and I’m now thinking it’s a possibility

  8. Banana peppers on the home fries is definitely something my boyfriend would do. Your salads always look better than the ones I fix myself. lol Sending you well wishes for your hand to get better. I’m sorry it’s still bothering you. 😕

  9. I'm sorry you are still having trouble with your hand. Hopefully the shot made a difference for you. That sirloin steak from Sam's looked really good. I have never found any food on clearance from Sam's. I hope I find something that good one day, lol! I love a good bakery and the one you visited looked delicious. Great video, Stacy!

  10. that chicken looks delish..since i eat sugar free as much as possible do you think i could use sf syrup and some low sugar ketchup in place of regular? then just eat the chicken as whole piece and no shredding or no bun

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