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What's For Dinner? Mar 8, 2020 | Cooking for Two | Easy Weeknight Meals | White Chicken Chili

Hey Y’all! We are back with a brand new “What’s For Dinner” video! We have some easy and fun meals for you this week, plus we are continuing to cook from …

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  1. I thought I had already watched this!! I’m never behind! 😂 I also watched your trip to the gulf video but didn’t get a chance to comment yet since I was driving (but still watching the road, promise lol although that one was a bit more difficult because I really wanted to see everything you were seeing)!! Anyway, your food all looks so delicious like always. I’m not a fan of fish or seafood but you even make that look good! Lol Thanks for the tip about the air fryer conversion times and degrees! I always just do what I think is best which doesn’t always turn out great lol Oh and Tim’s “happy plate.” I’m going to have to show Keaton because she loves ketchup and I bet she’ll start doing that now 😊 And I’m sooo glad you got to go to your favorite Chinese food restaurant!! You have been waiting a long time for that ❤️

  2. Your Harvest Salad looks delicious. I bet it was good with your honey mustard dressing. I love dill in my tarter too. If it has pickles or relish in it I always use dill relish. I like to add fresh dill if I have any. We have a family owned restaurant in Louisville that has been opened for 95 years called Mike Linnings. They sell mostly seafood and chicken and most of it is fried. They give huge portions and a $15 fish plate can easily feed 2 people. They are seasonal. It is on the Ohio River and they have both indoor and outdoor seating. They have probably 100 picnic tables. They have little screened in huts you can eat in too. Great place. Most of the waiters and staff that are not family have been there 30 to 40 years. They are seasonal. Years ago they closed in the fall so they could spend the winter in Florida and hunt and fish. They close late November and reopen the end of February. They make delicious coleslaw that is very finely shredded and they put red radishes in it. It is delicious. Their tarter sauce you can purchase at Walmart. It is very unusual. It has finely chopped cauliflower in with the pickles, onion, dill and mayonnaise. I like to buy it either at the restaurant or at Walmart to keep during Lent. Mark and I were both raised Catholic which meant that Fridays were meatless. We ate either seafood or had mac and cheese usually for dinner. Now we observe eating seafood just during lent but when I was growing up in the 60s everyone over the age of 13 was required to eat no meat on Fridays. Our church had a fish fry every Friday which Mom and Dad volunteered to work because we all got to eat free if they volunteered. Usually they would work at least twice a month. One friday we always had salmon croquettes and often one Friday we would have Mac and Cheese or grilled cheese and tomato soup. After I reached my teens the Pope made changes and we were only required to eat meatless on Fridays during lent. The only way I really like salmon is as croquettes. I rarely eat it any other way. I eat most other seafood but Mark is like Tim and prefers his fish fried. Although I like it grilled or baked there is something very satisfying about a fried fish sandwich on rye bread with tarter sauce and fresh squeezed lemon. The only fish that I know of that I do not care for at all is Tilapia. I think I must have gotten some nasty farm raised tilapia at some point and have not tried it since. I am sorry that you are still having hand issues. My chronic pain this winter has gotten much better. I just went thru a fairly new treatment of Ketamine Infusions. I did a series of 10 treatments over a 2 week period that was a loading dose so I went daily. The infusions took 3 hours per day. They helped tremendously. I have been able to lower the dosages on my pain meds and am taking much fewer prn meds than ever. I now just go monthly for a booster infusion. They are given every 31 days. Someone has to take me and sit there while the infusions are administered and I cannot drive for 24 hours after each one. They have some crazy and often nasty side effects but luckily I did not have any issues. I wish they could find a way to give you some relief with your hand. Did you injure it and it just did not heal or are you dealing with a long term issue? I will pray that things get better for you. Take care of yourself. Try to stay well over the next several months. Things are starting to get scary with the coronavirus. We have had 11 people in KY be infected in the last 10 days or so. In Louisville they are closing the public school system for several weeks and several colleges have cancelled the rest of the semester. I think it is going to get a lot worse before things get better.

  3. Hey Stacy! Everything looked good as always. The new potatoes you made remind me of my grandmother. She used to make them all the time when I was young. I’ll have to make them soon. I had often wondered why you made your own sauces. You being able to control the ingredients makes so much sense! 🤦‍♀️ I’ll have to blame that on my POTS/fibromyalgia brain fog lol. I’ll be trying the honey mustard for sure! Take care.

  4. The site with the conversion chart for air fryers … what a great idea! I will check that out! I love the southern filets from Tyson. So good & quick. Also o enjoyed your travel blog to see the ships! What awesome history!

  5. Everything looked so good!! Haven't had white chicken chili in a long time 🙁  Yep I know you was happy, happy about the Chinese, I would be too  🙂  Thanks so much for sharing!!  No baby yet, still waiting… 🙁

  6. Thank you so much for still giving back to the Chinese community in a time when they are under so much discrimination. I know a little bit makes a difference. May God Bless ya'll always.

  7. Again, with the logs 😋! Chicken tacos looked wonderful. Fish and potatoes yum! I don’t have an air fryer, but that’s a great website to use! Chinese!! Yay for you! Have a great week Stacy and Tim!

  8. Yay you went to Chinese Stacy! I love Asian food as well. Love the look if your white chilli! I was surprised to see crackers with meals in the south when we were there! They tasted good though! We're having leftover roast chicken, roast potatoes and gravy tonight! Happy day from Sally and the fur crew!😊💗💗

  9. White chicken chili is a good idea, looks great! Those wraps look good too. I need another big container of yogurt from Sam’s, once Don discovered it in the fridge I can’t keep it. Yay for you getting Chinese! I’m hoping for yummy food for me this week!

  10. The recipes looked yummy! Tyvm for the info on the pan last week. 👍 I found a Calephon 12" pan at HomeGoods for $30 (sells for $85 on Calephon website woot, woot) that looks almost identical to yours. Can't wait to start using it! Happy Cooking 😁

  11. Hi Stacy! The white chicken chili looks delicious! I definitely have to try that recipe. Tacos are always a good weeknight meal! The honey mustard chicken wraps look yummy too. Going to make a harvest salad this week – it will be good for work lunches and I’ll cook up some chicken for some protein. Chinese is always yummy! So sweet of Tim to cook for you and to take you out. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 🤗♥️

  12. Hi Stacy!!! Thank you very much for your incredibly sweet reply yesterday. Melted my heart from your words. There is a debate with chili no beans or beans and I vote with you and Tim BEANS! 😍😍😍 It’s just soupy meat without them. LOL. I’m guessing since you haven’t said anything in the videos you and Tim didn’t get affected by the Tennessee tornado. My cousin JUST moved to Nashville this year with her family but thank God she wasn’t affected physically with her house. Really a blessing with her two young kids. Only their third tornado in the state’s history. Did Tim catch the guy walking over the Volcano? I could barely watch it but did. Nothing too much on tv so that’s why LOL. Have you checked TJ Maxx for their Easter Rae Dunn ADORABLE pastel color decor? I hope you have one or Home Goods near you. They are just gorgeous what they come up with. Has your church stopped shaking hands with the virus? We just nod our heads and smile and say “Peace be with you” instead of shaking our hands. 😉 Sorry for so many questions. 😂 Have you seen on Pinterest of “smashed potatoes” ? Neat idea. Those red potatoes look scrumptious!! So glad you had Chinese!! “Talk” to you later sweet friend.💜💚💗

  13. Everything looked so good. I love Chinese food. I just made some beef and broccoli at home but used ground beef. I used a beef and broccoli seasoning packet but I’m sure you could make your own. Served over rice and added mushrooms to the beef. It was pretty good for home made.

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