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What's For Dinner? March 21, 2021 | Cooking for Two | Easy & Delicious Meals

Hey Y’all! We are back with some really easy & delicious weeknight meals for you, and we show you how we make each one. We tried another new recipe this …

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  1. So many reasons to celebrate! Congratulations on 25 years of marriage! What a huge accomplishment. Also, I’m happy you both got your first dose. I’ve had both doses and Shaun has had his first. We also got Pfizer. We lucked out and were able to get them due to working in a county with a low participation rate. They opened it up to more people that worked there to try to boost numbers. We were thankful to receive it. I hope you both are doing well!!!

  2. Hi Stacy i love theses meal ideas i have pizza doe in my fridge i was going to make pizza but your idea is better oh boy you 2 got your shots i got my Johnson n Johnson shot i was a little tire but ok

  3. You guys are to cute!😉 So glad you got your first shots. I'm getting my second one this Thursday I really didn't have side effects with my first just a sore arm overnight I got the Pfizer shot too. I'm glad to be keeping my mom safe. Be safe and have a great week.🙏

  4. Celebrating with a meal out … YAY! March Madness was here in my home state, in Indy, so it was March Madness everywhere! Course it always is … Indiana is such a big basketball state. I have to say, I've never heard of tortilla dumplings! Very interesting idea, for sure. Your Chinese looked scrumptious & 2 meals for the win! I also liked the FRICKLE & will be looking forward to the video showcasing wonton wrappers. And the calzones is a fun idea too. I make stomboli often but that would be a fun twist with the same delicious flavors & concept. Have a wonderful week, Tim & Stacy!

  5. Hey Stacy and Tim 🙂 As always, all meals looked delicious! I haven't been out to a sit down restaurant yet..going to wait a little longer. I did get my 1st vaccine shot (Pfizer) and very sore arm, headache and slept a lot! Enjoy your channel very much 😀

  6. Hello My Friend,
    I made a taco pizza with that same pizza dough for dinner last night. Lol. Great minds think alike. 😉
    So glad you guys were able to go dine at a restaurant for your Anniversary. Yay!! So fun! Its definately a different dining experience than before covid. Cant describe it here how n.v it all makes me feel now.
    What an interesting way to make chicken and dumplings…with tortillas. Sounds delicious. I like a soupier chicken and dumplings. I have only made it once and I used refrigerated biscuits.
    I tease my husband when he makes his pizzas. They look a huge calzone, kind of like the stromboli you made last week. Lol. 😂🤣
    Your salads always look so creative and delicious.
    You are blessed to have a friend that goes to Trader Joe's and is willing to pick up a few things for you. I do not know anybody personally out here that goes to Trader Joe's. I have to drive 1 hr and 20 min to the nearest one in Houston and that is without traffic. Lol 😳
    I dont do it often.
    My family is not a sandwich for dinner family. It would be so great if they were. Although they do like a beef steak type sandwich but the price of beef is outrageous so I havent made that in a good while.
    Chinese food. Yum. I still am thinking about making homemade egg rolls. I try to make something Chinese once a week. We dont have good Chinese food around where we live. Lol.
    No vaccine for me/us. Hopefully you are ok with that. Some people have said some horribly mean things to me when I tell them we arent taking the vaccine. You are correct, it's such a hot button topic. My father in law has been in the hospital for a week now with high fever and some other issues/symptoms after his 2nd vaccine shot. They can not figure out what he has but they say it is not the vaccine. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I find it strange.
    Spiralized zucchini is so good. I enjoy having it like you made it or with a meaty pasta sauce. So good. 😋
    Yesterday we had some friends we havent seen in 9 yrs stop by for a visit and lunch. I made carnitas in the crockpot for tacos. It was nice to see them and visit. They live north of Dallas. I am hoping to go up there sometime for a little trip by myself to hang out and have them show me around. I havent been to Dallas yet. We havent traveled to many places here yet. We have lived here for almostv9 yrs now.
    Life is still a crazy whirlwind each and every day but the Lord fills me with His strength to run this race of faith. 🙏
    It's just a crazy season and I know it will.pass and get better.
    I hope you had a wonderful and blessed week Stacy! Always enjoy your videos and watching you and Tim interact. ❤

  7. I have been making dumplings using tortillas for over 30 years. I got the recipe from a show that used to be tv called Home. My husband received his first & second vaccines. I have not been able to get any vaccines yet. Here in Washington state people have to be 65 or older to get vaccine unless healthcare workers or teachers. I have several health conditions but was told I don’t qualify.

  8. Hi, Stacy! Everything looks really good. I am quite hungry now! We both had our 2nd vac on the 12th, so just a few days until the 2 week mark. Our little granddaughter turned 1 yesterday, and we do hope to see her next weekend to give her presents!! They did a virtual event on Facebook and she did her Smash cake, etc. so that was fun, but not the same as being in person. Have a great week!!

  9. Yummy Chinese food, hooray! 🥟 🍚 I’m glad you were able to get your favorite food (and the vaccine!) We’ve both been vaccinated, hence the trip to Las Vegas. I had my second dose a month ago (Moderna) since I volunteer at our local crisis pregnancy center and work closely with patients. My second dose was a doozy, made me pretty sick for a couple of days. But of course the peace of mind was worth it!

  10. Hey Stacy! Great meal ideas! I especially like the calzones. I’m going to try that with the zucchini. I’m trying to stick to only veggie sides right now with dinner and it’s been hard because I love fries. lol Getting your Chinese must have been nice! I’m glad they survived also.
    I’m scheduled for my vaccine tomorrow actually. My boyfriend got his first one 2 weeks ago. I’ve heard from my friend who’s a nurse the side effects really just depend on the person. I know 2 friends that were absolutely fine from their second shot and one that felt like he had the flu for 24 hours. Hopefully you’re feeling ok from your first one and do ok with the second.

  11. Those chicken and dumplings looked delicious. My grandma used to make hers with tortillas too. We haven't eaten inside a restaurant since the pandemic either. Howard and I just got our first vaccine last week. No side effects. Happy Anniversary! You and Tim have a blessed week!

  12. My sister and her husband got vaccinated. He got no symptoms, but she in the other hand was sick for 5 days and couldn't go to work. She said even her hair hurt. They are both nurses. I haven't got the shots yet. Its front line worker which I'm okay with that.

  13. Yes! But norway is really slow with them. We are still only vaccinating people over 80 and healthcare workers. Hope things will speed up soon 😊

  14. OMG, Tim cracks me up every single video, I always lol ,this time it was his "YEEHAW"!!!
    Wait did you say "Frickle"?? Those egg roll things? My sister who lives in Tupelo drove down to Jackson and got her 2 Covid vacs.
    Happy Big 25 Anniversary. xoxo

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