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What's For Dinner? March 22, 2020 | Cooking for Two | Pantry Meals | Easy Weeknight Meals

Hey Y’all! We’ve got some easy dinner ideas for you in our latest “What’s For Dinner” video! We have some easy and some healthy meals for you this week, plus …

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  1. Nice meals,Stacy! Love the tziki. Tim's ketchup-mustard happy face was a day maker! (What a hoot!) I am learning how to use plantains this week. They really go a long way!

  2. Cabbage sausage dish is one of my favorites. Just don't use that weird sauce. I use chicken stock and sometimes chop up some bacon. The apples sound interesting.
    Thank you for the delicious ideas for dinner. Stay safe…
    God has disrupted the entire world trying to get everyone's attention.
    May we all be changed for the better as we draw near to Him. May we all praise God during this difficult time.and stay focused on Him and what he is trying to tell each of us. He is trying to get everyone's attention.

  3. Hi Stacy! The strawberry spinach salad looks absolutely delicious!!! I definitely have to try that. I also want to try the taco pasta! It looks like a good comfort food. It is still cold here (snowing today) so we still need some good warm comfort food here! Everything else looked great too! Thanks so much for sharing! Hope that you and Tim are staying safe and healthy! 🤗♥️

  4. Hi Stacy! I’ve never tried broccoli in the air fryer. It looks really good! I’m glad you have a lot of food to sustain you during this pandemic. I think Howard finally appreciates my grocery shopping addiction, lol. We are well stocked on food too. Y’all take care and be well! ~Andrea

  5. I have seen those gyro kits at the store and I have always wanted to try em but I wasn't ever sure if they were good and worth the money…i didn't wanna waste..but i think they looked delicious so i will purchase it next time I see the kit…thank you for sharing

  6. Hi Stacy! I cannot wait to show Keaton the ketchup and mustard smiley face tomorrow morning! Thanks Tim! Lol She’ll be super excited to both hear her name plus see the cute ketchup face. You’re so sweet, Stacy 💕 This was the first time I noticed that awesome spice shelf above your stove! What a neat idea!!! I love all those little touches in your house! I definitely am going to check out the taco pasta recipe!! I haven’t watched that one on your channel before (and I thought I had gone through and watched all your videos 😂). I made a grocery pickup list today but can you believe they don’t have any availability until Friday now?!?! So I guess I can at least alter my list and I’ll do my shopping myself and include the ingredients for the taco pasta. I’m sure Shadd and Kenadie will appreciate something different than the usual food I make each week lol
    Bummer about that last dish with the ketchup sauce. Was it the sauce that you didn’t like? Or the combination of everything? You’re so brave for even trying it! I’ve been following the Pioneer Woman on Instagram a lot lately and she has food recipes in her stories and for some reason I always think of you. You could totally do what she does!! 😊 Well, I hope you’re both staying safe and healthy inside. Tomorrow starts my first actually full-time work from home day and I’m looking forward to it. I know I will definitely have more time in my day to spend with the girls and Shadd plus get some extra things done around here. Sending a healthy and safe distance hug to you!! 😂

  7. Hey Stacy, I had high hopes for that sausage cabbage dish, I have all that stuff that I need to use up. Thank you for the written thumbs down. I will use my cabbage in another dish. Everything else looked so so good, I made some greek shmwarmas this week!! Your pizza looked AWESOME!!! xoxo

  8. Everything looked good. I don't think I would like the apple in that dish either, to me I would use tomato sauce instead of ketsup as I do not do much ketsup. But, hey you tried it that's what counts. Hope you guys are doing well during this awful virus thing going on. I have been staying in as much as I can I have COPD/Emphyesma  so I don't want to get it, plus with our little Lillie I really don't want to take a chance of giving anything to her. Hopefully this all will pass soon.  Thanks so much for sharing. Take care and be safe.

  9. Hello my Sweet friend I hope all is well with you and Tim. The food looked delicious. I enjoy the video. I am glad your hand doing alot better. Love and Blessings

  10. Please stay safe my amazing friends!! As always I keep you in my prayers. The strawberry spinach salad looks so delicious! I’ve never eaten anything Greek… but yours looks so good. Thank you for being there for me. You’ll never know how much it means to me…. have a blessed week!!😍

  11. Pizza looks delicious! Your Greek food always looks wonderful. Years ago I worked for a sub shop with Greek owners. They had a gyro. Smelled wonderful with the cucumber sauce. But can’t say that I ever had a gyro sub! Maybe a bite of gyro meat?! 🤷‍♀️ We did try the Innovation sweet and sour chicken- it was fine. It’s good for quick meals I guess! Have a great week Stacy and Tim!

  12. I enjoyed the video very much. I like your creativity. I understand not wanting to overcook however, we enjoy leftovers and it reduces my time in the kitchen. My daughter and I are disabled and financially can't afford to stock up. Soup has been our go to.🙏

  13. hey stacy & tim 🙂 hope you’re staying safe and healthy. I look forward to your what’s for dinner videos every week! you always make such delicious meals.

  14. Delicious looking meals as always Stacy! I love your everything but the kitchen sink salad. I just can't get my head around strawberries in a salad. I'm on my own this week while hubby is away teaching so pot luck meals for me! Take care and stay safe from Sally and the fur crew 😊💗

  15. Hi guys! Your pizza and spinach salad look awesome!! I stocked up on kielbasa so I’ll be looking for new sausage recipes. That last one was odd with the ketchup sauce though. It seems like tomatoes and apples don’t go together, right? Anyway, it’s fun trying new recipes. I’m also glad to hear that Tim has been able to play golf. I’m sure that makes him happy. Take care y’all ❤️

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