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What's For Dinner? March 28, 2021 | Cooking for Two | Easy & Delicious Meals

Hey Y’all! We are back with some really easy & delicious weeknight meals for you, and we show you how we make each one. It was an interesting week in our …

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  1. I decided to replace my old faberware basket air fryer with a bigger one. I used your link to see which one you had and decided that I would order the bigger one if I got it but decided to wait a day or too. I subsequently ordered it and it is being delivered tomorrow but I realized I don't know if it was on your link. I decided I want to make the banana bread but want to do in regular loaf pan. Wondered about time and temp? Thank you so much for all your delicious meals.

  2. Your gravy was fine. You just needed more liquid for the amount of flour. For 3 Tbsp of fat and 3 Tbsp of flour I add about 2 to 2.5 cups of liquid. I usually add about 1.5 to 2 cups of milk and then use a little water if I want it thinner. Those taco egg rolls looked good as did Tim's burgers. Also your salads always look delicious. My salads are usually boring. I hope that you are getting to enjoy Easter with at least part of the family this year. We are going to Moms. We rented the cafeteria of the old school where her senior apt complex is like we did for Xmas so that we can spread out but still see each other. I am taking a Strawberry Version of a Hummingbird Cake that I developed the recipe to enter into a contest and a Thai Salad that was published in Taste of Home but that I have never made for my extended family. My daughter loves both. She is still doing well. She is 4 months along now and we found out that it is a boy. With only having a daughter we do not have boy experience but I guess we will figure it out. Enjoy Easter Week and stay healthy.

  3. There is my favorite YouTube cook!! Hi Stacy 👋 😁 everything looks so good and thanks for the ideas. I see your recipes and it inspires me to try new things for me and my husband he very much appreciates you also, he gets to be my taste tester. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day Happy spring! 🌻🌼🌸🦋

  4. Miss Stacy! I swear my the pioneer woman’s sausage gravy and biscuits. recipe. It’s amazing! I’ve never made the homemade biscuits, but her gravy is AMAZING!! My born and raised southern fiancé says it’s one of the best sausage gravies he’s had! (I’m from Ohio lol). Your gravy looked great!

  5. I can’t make biscuits either. They turn out like hockey pucks. I make a fry sauce that my family loves. Equal parts ketchup & mayo, and stir in a ton of black pepper, at least a tablespoon or so. SO good, and not spicy despite all the pepper. Thanks for sharing your week with us!

  6. Hi Stacy! Loved all your meals as always! The chicken and asparagus looked delicious. It would have been nice with a sauce of sweet chilli and soy in it as well. I've never seen a white gravy like that with sausage meat in it with scones. I've never thought to put milk in gravy. Jam and cream go with scones! Lol Looks like Tim was an excellent help for the week! Happy day from Sally and the fur crew! 💗😄

  7. The burgers … I’ve been wanting burgers!! They looked great. Your presentation was fun too. My hubs loves a thick gravy too but I prefer it a bit thinner. It’s one of his absolute favorites. Hope you have a wonderful Easter week! 🕊✝️

  8. I love, love, love everything you fixed. That chicken and asparagus dish, so yum! The taco egg rolls: yes please. Great looking burgers and fries. The shrimp dinner is right up my alley. And the sausage and biscuits looked fine! Best of all was seeing your beautiful smile in the opening clip, and Tim's familiar grin. (I look forward to cooking again one day.) Thanks for sharing, Stacy. God bless you guys. (:

  9. Hi Stacy! I hope you had a great and fulfilled Palm Sunday. Man I feel like i was just watching the service two months ago and here it is again still a lightning fast year I think! Nice mustache Tim no one has commented that I have seen about it yet! I think maybe the sausage didn’t have much grease because it was frozen? I think since your frozen fried food is air fried it’s a whole lot healthier! I never had this epiphany but these youtube videos are like a food network cooking show! I was the unique child a liked the cooking shows over cartoons!😂 loved the onion chopping sound and seeing the finished product. 😊 that’s all I have this week sorry it was short! Have a great week sweet friend!☀️💗💗

  10. Another great video! I can not make biscuits either. Occasionally, I will attempt to make them from scratch but it only reminds me that the frozen ones are better. I wish I could make a biscuit like my granny made. I've never had one that tasted like hers. I have noticed that rolls of sausage do not seem to have as much fat in them as they did in the past. I have started having to add more to the pan before making my gravy. There is a brand of sausage here, Goolsby's, that seems to have more fat, has good flavor and makes for excellent gravy. I don't know if that is a regional product here in Tennessee or not. It is in the frozen section of the grocery store and the sausage comes in frozen patties. Very tasty. Everything looked delicious!!

  11. Hi Stacey and Tim👋 Although she fried sausage for breakfast, my mother made her gravy with bacon grease. I miss her alot. The chicken and asparagus dish is perfect for me. I think I'll make angel hair noodles with it. The banana bread were beautiful. The crumb was perfect👍 Hahaha, can you tell I'm well versed in banana bread? It's all my years in 4-H. I'm so glad your both are well . Have a great week💞

  12. The gravy looks good to me! Personally I would like it thinner too but hey I think for your first time you did great! I make “Chipped Beef on Toast” aka “SOS” with the 80 cent Budding Beef packets a lot. My grandma used to make it all the time. It’s like a $2 meal because I eat it over bread but MAN is it tasty and is just pure comfort food. Hope y’all had a good week together ♥️

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