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What's For Dinner? March 7, 2021 | Cooking for Two | Easy & Delicious Meals | 3 New Recipes!

Hey Y’all! We are back with some really easy & delicious weeknight meals for you, and we show you how we make each one. We tried three new recipes this …

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  1. Haha! “Is it real meat?!” 🤣 exactly what my “man child” would ask me! I use to substitute his ground beef with ground crumbles by Quorn! Taste just like ground beef! 🤣

  2. Oh I haven’t made Monte Cristo sandwiches in a decade. You inspired me to add it to my weekly meal plan. The homemade vegetable beef soup & the crab salad & pasta salad looked delicious as well.

  3. Kenadie was just telling me that she wanted to try a Monte Cristo sandwich! We were talking about Disneyland and she wished she would have tried one there! I’m glad Tim liked it! I laughed at Tim asking if there was steak under the salad bowl 😂 Also when he asked if there was real meat in the soup 😂 He DOES know you so well!! ❤️ I hope you are both having a wonderful week! 🤗

  4. I received my first vaccine and decided to celebrate by getting my first meal from a restaurant since this whole pandemic hit. Of course it had to be Chinese. Yours always looks so good. I am making a version of the “big snail” Stromboli roll up from this video tonight. I know it’s going to be great! Thanks for the inspiration

  5. I really enjoy watching your videos. I'm in Alabama and we eat pb&j sandwiches with vegetable soup and chicken noodle soup, and we eat grilled cheese with chili and taco soup.

  6. That look like monte Cristo that serve at Walt Disney world. Third is more savory than sweet. And their not in a thick batter it looks like what you did.

  7. Look up "SOUP CUBES" (I think lol). I have seen them on other channels. They look like big ice cube trays. They are for freezing leftovers for 1 or 2 people.

  8. Tim looking under the Pyrex for a hidden steak was hilarious, lol! 🥩 The beef stew looked yummy! I always make my grandma’s recipe which is so easy. She just used V-8 with an envelope of dry onion soup mix, along with the meat and veggies of your choice. I love it add cabbage to mine, but Keith is not a fan (go figure!) The pepperoni roll-up looked delicious too! So at least Tim got some red meat this week, ha! 😂

  9. Oh my goodness, I love monte cristo sandwiches! I've never made them at home, but now I'm inspired.

    Definitely trying the stromboli. I love Italian food ♥️

  10. That vegetable soup looked really good the only thing that would be missing for me would be some cabbage I know it might sound weird but in our family we absolutely love cabbage in our vegetable soups

  11. Yes, Blue Plate!!!! I bought Duke's to try it and it was fine but I'm a New Orleanian…Blue Plate all day lol.

    We love Monte Cristo sandwiches, I make mine the restaurant way.

  12. The highlight of the video is Tim's commentary lol. That beef soup looks great. I think your sandwich is the half cut in half. I can tell you're not a big meat eater. Have a great week.

  13. I need to try that Stromboli.
    Pasta salad always gives me spring vibes— I can’t wait to get out in the mild temperatures and do some yard work.

    Steak hiding under the Pyrex 😂😂😂

    You guys always make me laugh. I hope you all are well.
    Wonderful video as always ♥️

  14. I grew up eating peanut butter sandwiches with vegetable beef soup. I was surprised when you said Tim eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with his soup too.

  15. Stromboli idea was great! I froze several deli bags of meat and cheese we didn't use during the holidays. I also have veg beef soup frozen. I think I'll serve them together. It sounds absolutely delicious. I hope you and Tim are doing well and enjoying the weather. 💞

  16. Hey there! Stacy, you and Tim are goals. Gary and I are empty nesters and I don't think we get along as well and joke around like you two do!

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