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What's For Dinner? May 2, 2021 Cooking for Two | Easy & Delicious

Hey Y’all! We are back with some really easy & delicious weeknight meals for you, and we show you how we make each one. We hope that these weekly meal …

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  1. Hey! I wanted to let you know that Nick and I made the cheeseburger wraps for dinner again this week. We both have had massive deadlines this week for work and Nick’s birthday was on Monday (so lots going on!). In our house, you get to pick all of the dinners for the week. When working on the plans over the weekend, I asked Nick what 5-7 dinners he wanted…cheeseburger wraps made the cut!!! Thank you for sharing your family favorites with us. 💗💗💗

  2. Tim Tim Tim come on its Bon Jovi that who Stacy was trying to get you to say lol lol ok ok Stacy the tuna patties look real good so sample and easy it would be a good idea for a warm day sorry i m a little late this week Cant wait to see Sunday s video Happy Mother s day i hope Tim has good plans for you 💐Take Stacy out for dinner Tim Sending big hugs see you next time

  3. I'm here, it has not been the best week for me and YT videos, don't mean I love youins any less. Ole Tim adding some slickem to the grill items, too funny! Blessings y'all, pray y'all have a great weekend!! You two are hilarious! The same make of stove as a most homes "( put your name here)" Stacy cleaning stove!"

  4. So did Tim figure out it was ground turkey and not ground beef? 😂 I’ve done that to my Dad before. Can you tell me where you got your pickle container to keep the juice separate? Thanks for sharing your dinners with us and I hope that Tim feels better soon.

  5. Hi Stacy & Tim! Tuna patties sound yummy (although Keith would probably be about as thrilled as Tim, lol!) We both love your cheeseburger wrap recipe, and it’s become a staple around our house. We caught your Bon Jovi reference, nice one! 👍🏻 Hopefully Tim is feeling better, guessing he is since he played in a golf tournament. It’s been ages since I’ve had crawfish, yum!!

  6. Haha did you just call your partner “wee man” ? That is so funny, that would probably be taken as a wee insult here in Scotland.

  7. Yummy meals as always Stacy! The mushrooms and pizza looked delicious. Hope Tim is feeling better. I love his take on ramen noodles. When we're sick we eat Vegemite on toast and I love to eat egg things like quiche. Happy day from Sally and the fur crew! 😁❤

  8. Everything looked so good! I want to try all of them. Thank you so much Stacy, I really look forward to your videos each week!!! Hope you and Tim have a great week!!!

  9. Stacy, I loved the “Greek Pizza” idea. If I can do your recipe any justice, it’s gonna go in our regular menu rotation. Y’all stay safe and God bless❣️

  10. I loved the Greek themed foods. No way they could be bad with the ingredients used. Although I like crawfish, it's too much work for the small return. I've never thought of tuna cakes. My family always made salmon. I really like wraps. I've seen " Big Mac wraps "on other channels but I haven't tried them yet. The options are endless. I've had my eye on a Philly beef wrap recipe. Maybe I should have a different wrap each day for a week.😄 I am not a fan of sweet pickled anything. However, my aunt makes a butter pickle that is pretty good. The skillet cookie looked delicious. Lately, my daughter and I have found baby Oreos. They are a perfect one bite treat🥰 I'm glad Tim is feeling better . Have a wonderful week 💘

  11. oh my goodness, Ray loves crawfish,,,we go to a place here and he gets crawfish etouffe and i get fried alligator,,,,yummm….today was sons wedding,,,i have a ton of pics on my fb page and posted short clip on my channel here,,,,been a long week,,,he leaves for Norfolk mothers day 5am 🙁

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