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Hey guys make sure you check out @Cutelittlecupcakes mom Dinners this week: (0:39)BBQ Chicken …

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  1. New subscriber here! That beef stroganoff looks so good!! My husband loves peas so I’m definitely copying this meal!! Love these kinds of videos! 🥰

  2. I am twenty-one year old student who doesn't have children, and I already know how to cook, so I never watch your videos for dinner ideas. I don't even like this genre of videos on YouTube, but I find your videos nostalgic. My mother cooked for me and my siblings everyday. A lot of what you cook reminds me of her. We don't speak anymore because she has done many things to me that has left me with lasting trauma, but your videos take me back to a time when I was little and used to hang around the kitchen, wanting to help my mother cook dinner. She instilled in me a love of cooking despite the fact that she was learning as she went and often messed things up, and you remind me of that (albeit with better results than my mother). Your videos soothe me because I can feel the love you put into your meals and it makes me miss my childhood. You may not see this comment, or you might delete it, but I enjoy your videos and even subscribed.

  3. everything looking so tasty 🙂 I will be trying that pork chop dish for my hubby. I have wondered about the broccoli tots thanks for sharing how they were especially the kids <3 now I know we will like them lol

  4. People leave negative comments because they feel like a youtuber is "selling out" when they use a certain brand or have an ad. It's the same thing with musicians or any sports star when they get endorsed by a brand. I don't think of it that way, but most people seem to.

  5. I love your kettle! Totally have done that with ranch! Great value doesn't have the squeezy thing like hidden valley does! I love me some stroganoff totally grew up on hamburger helper too! and I've never made a sloppy joe pie before! I love when you make fried rice. It always looks so good! Sorry I'm late. Started watching but then had to go mom lol

  6. Everything looks amazing as always! I need to make sliders one day. Do you like your tasty pans? Ive been thinking about getting those. Do they stick or anything?

  7. Those broccoli cheese tots are so good. Also did Korean beef last week with white rice & broccoli & it was delicious. Definitely will do it with fried rice next time.

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