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What's For Dinner? | SEVEN Easy Budget Friendly Meals | Stay home and cook with me | Julia Pacheco

Please watch: “COPYCAT IHOP Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe” –~– Hey y’all welcome to this weeks “What’s …

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  1. You have been in my feed for awhile, but I haven't watched until now.
    You are a gem; you had me at "plop". And you have used it twice so far and I'm not even halfway through..
    It's just a hilarious word to me and I love hearing it haha
    I can tell you will be in my top 5 fave wfd creators…😁 super great meals and a nice, easy-going personality

  2. I have really got to get to the grocery store soon. There are so many of your recipes I want to make. If you don't mind, give me an idea of what the flavor of the gran marsala spice is please. I've never used it before. Glad I got to see Brinley again too. She is so precious. Thanks again for another great round of recipes sweetie. Have a good & blessed week & continue to take care.

  3. using a cookie scoop is so smart! Brinley is so stinkin' cute! I love how versatile you were with the ham! you made so many different meals with it! I definitely have cut back on the brown sugar in asian recipes it just is better to me to let the soy sauce and other flavors shine 🙂 I just slap stuff together and it comes out so much better than any recipe I've ever followed! Sesame oil is strong. I use it sparingly but I don't care for the taste. Honestly you could omit the oil completely if you don't have any sesame oil because it's more there for the flavor. If you cook the meat in oil in the pan you cook it in, then you're good to go there! 🙂 That shrimp alfredo looks good! never have had marsala

  4. Your ham looks scrumptious! Y'all eat good over there! My stomach is GROWLING. haha! Alfredo sauce is my favorite and yours looks amazing! I love shrimp. Hope your family is doing well! <3

  5. Yum, Yum & Yum.. I have never made that million dollar spaghetti. I shrimp and definitely making that alfredo dish tomorrow ( I have all those ingredients). Thank you for another great video!!

  6. Everything looks great! We like the prego brand as well! I love your dishes, they are so pretty!! 😍
    I just found your channel and subscribed 🙂
    I have a yt channel that i started recently and i also share whats for dinner videos. If you have time I would love it if you could check it out and we can support each other, and be friends!
    TFS ❤

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