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Helllllooo friends! ‍♀️ In today’s What’s For Dinner, we are putting VIRAL PINTEREST RECIPES to the TEST! Are these dinner recipes *really* as good as …

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  1. Hi, Just came across your channel, also subscribed, can’t wait to watch more. I also follow LFL. I’ve never seen these viral recipes, (I know, where have I been?) can’t wait to try a few, I’ll let ya know. Thanks for sharing !!! Sandy

  2. Hi! I clicked on the chili lime taco link but it brings me to the pepper steak. (I mean no big deal, but just as an fyi if you wanted to change it). 🙂 I was looking for new meal ideas so thanks for this video!

  3. Loved the pinterest recipes!! I hate pulling recipes up on pinterest because it's a trap….5 hours later and no recipe cuz they all looked good. 🤣😭 You took all the work out of it for us and tried some of the highest rated ones! Yesss, please do more of these! Sending some love from Iowa 🤗💗

  4. for your limes, lemons, oranges, you can microwave them for 10-15 sec. and then roll them with the palm of your hand to get more juice from them!!- for avocados and bananas you can ripen them quickly by placing the avocado with a banana in a brown paper bag for 20 min, the gas from the banana will ripen your avocado

  5. The link for the chili lime chicken tacos takes you to the pepper steak recipe, can you link the chicken taco recipe again? It looks so yummy! Thank you!

  6. Hi Amanda! I'm m visiting from Large Family Love and Really enjoyed your video !I will be making the pepper steal,the pizza bread and the eggplant pizzas. They all sound Yummy! I will be back as I am subscribing!!

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