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What's the best way to GRILL the perfect STEAK? | Guga Foods

Steaks are amazing and making them perfect can sometimes bring challenges today I explore the best way to grill the perfect steak. I am using the most popular …

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  1. This is a total hack. Makes the steak way better. If you try it and it’s too salty- you’ve put too much salt. First time I did it- it was way too salty because I packed it on. Just regular amount of salt.

  2. Thank God I found this video. I've been following him for a few weeks. And I just couldn't get right. Now ill know. Trying again tomorrow. Didn't it too well done tonight.

  3. Guga, you do a great job with steaks and as a fellow Brazilian, voce nos teas orgulho, I do have a request, Can you teach me (us) as to the best way to grill a Ribeye. Obrigado

  4. Love your show guys, more stats on how you cook everything would separate you all from the rest of the geniuses. Quick point, every separate taste of a competition of ways to cook something, *is that in-between test of meat will be perfect to neutralize your taste buds by using frozen lemon sorbet. Try it, it will give you a more unbiased commentary. Maybe actually surprise you.

  5. Can you give more in depth instructions on the grilling?.. Im just getting into grilling, and would love a tutorial or some pointers to get started!
    Thanks and keep grilling bro!✌🏻

  6. Great video! However, there is a slight mistake with your titles during your taste tests. The temperatures for the reverse sear methods were not correct. The 1hr steak should've been the 250 degree and the 25 min steak should've been the 350 degree. Otherwise, incredible video once again.

  7. As much as you so-called self proclaimed Chef's push medium raw (rare). Most of us prefer "medium". Yet none of you discuss this. 🤐

    Yes, we are all aware science says medium raw tastes better but for 90% of us we are repulsed by raw meat. Its not better. I've tried both a gazillion times. More recipes for medium please. 🙄

  8. vas muy rapido un poquito mas lento porfavor, todos no saben ingles que seria mi caso y tenemos que leer los subtítulos y no vemos nada del video plis thanks

  9. I have been "reverse searing" steaks for years, but slightly different. Try this Guga… Smoke the steak at 250 for 10-15 minutes depending on how smokey you like it, then crank up the heat for a quick sear and great crust.

  10. I think you got your 2nd and 3rd steaks mixed up. 250-deg reverse sear for 25 minutes vs 350-deg reverse sear for 1 hr is what your lower RH descriptions said. You said you like the 250 better but then pointed to the third one you preferred more where the lower RH caption said you did it at 350 for 1 hr. If that temp and time were correct it would have been gray and beyond well done. I’m thinking you meant 350-deg for 25 minutes versus 250-deg for 1 hr.

  11. Absolutely just did the dry brining for the first time and it was so good really good flavor and the steaks stay juicy thank you brother keep on making amazing food

  12. Guga, I know you can get a nice crust on a steak. I saw a video from another channel that recommended spraying on apple juice before putting the steak on the grill. If you are ever short of things to try would you mind giving that a go?

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