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What's VEGAN at Dollar Tree? On a BUDGET

Vegan on a budget at the Dollar Tree. See how many things I can find at the Dollar Tree that are vegan friendly. FROZEN FOODS Video: …

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  1. Vanilla might be imitation. If it says natural flavors it probably comes from a gland found in the butt of a beaver. Read this in Eating to Live. Google it also on youtube. Anything that says natural vanilla flavor.

  2. This is the cleanest dollar tree I have seen. Usually it has trash and dirt on the edges of every isle and the food they sell (especially chocolate) goes bad fast. This one guy actually told me he bought a candy bar from dollar tree and it had mold on it. No joke.

  3. I think you meant to say low fat soy milk bc west soy at dollar tree isnt oeganic and also i dont thibk dollar tree carries that anymore 🙁 I have not seen it in ages and it was decent!

  4. I get my frozen veggies there, the frozen mixed veggies are delish. I have had a lot of health problems and decided to clean up my diet to healthier foods. I love YouTube and all the great vegan cooks , and learning its not all about soy. I can make a great seitan. Making oatmeal sausage tomorrow for breakfast. I have cooked my whole life, and this is like being a baby, taking baby steps to better health. Over half way to 70, and having the time of my life in the kitchen….😀

  5. I’d like to present you with a challenge. Can a person eat healthy, real food, be vegan, and not eat sugar? I mean fructose, and foods that turn to glucose. Is it possible to actually eat truly low carb, like the keto trend, staying below 20 grams of carbs per meal, and eat healthy without any animal products? Or does a vegan have to eat massive amounts of sugar (or sugar-becoming foods like grains) because there’s no other choice?

  6. Great video Dollars Tree rocks😎 but be aware 💀
    of the frozen fruit most of their frozen fruit is made in Vietnam😬 I only see that their blueberries are made in U🇺🇸SA. I worked there for a bit and a customer showed me on package.😵 YIKES! 👀

  7. I always stop in there for cinnamon and pecans……I add them to my steel cut oatmeal I get at Costco.  I also get trashcan liners and sponges at Dollar Tree….. the best 6 pack of sponges available for the price.  Love your channel and your work you put into your videos.  Thank you.

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