Which Disney World Dessert Party Should YOU Do?

It’s a Disney World Dessert Party THROWDOWN! We’re reviewing all of the daily dessert parties in Disney World to help you discover which one is best for YOU …

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  1. My mom and I are in the Tomorrow Land Terrace shot on here. It was amazing and well worth it, if you can fit it into your trip. The dessert was wonderful. We were with a friend who has celia disease, the chefs brought him his own plate of wonderful desserts. He still had way more than he could finish. The staff brought him a to go box for his extras!

  2. Hi AJ – You mention in this video that the Rivers of Light dessert party may be updated in future. As the video is dated August 2018, I was just wondering if there are any changes

  3. We just did the Frozen Dessert Party on Feb 1, 2020 and I was VERY disappointed! 2 food tables with subs & hummus and one with desserts. THAT WAS IT! 7 choices on the main tables and then they had the alcohol, coffee, tea and soda and the frozen hazelnut ice cream and well as some fruit and a cobbler. We paid $100 each for this and the firework show was 11 minutes. Prices keep going up and quality is going down. Paid over $700 for our party and we should’ve done an after hours event instead.

  4. I went to my first dessert party in December 2018, and it was at Animal Kingdom. I thought it was totally worth the price, I even skipped out on the last half of River of Lights to sneak across to Everest and got on with no line. The snacks were off the charts yummy, and the alcoholic beverages were so good. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  5. Love this video! Had to watch because I have only worked the Magic Kingdom dessert party! I'm visiting Disney in May and had to check out the other dessert parties 💜
    When I worked for the Tomorrowland Terrace, I personally thought that the after fireworks DP was better because
    1. You can get your wrist bands first and go pick out a spot for the firework show
    2. There's less people that do this tier
    3. You get to relax and eat food while everyone is trying to get out of the park
    4. You can watch Once Upon A Time comfortably while eating
    The terrace is great, the seating is (in my opinion) good most of the time. It's based on first come first served. This is just my opinion, I loved the idea of this dessert party tho 💜💜

  6. Disappointing to watch through the whole thing and not get any information about the Pirates and Pals dessert party. Was it not offered when this video was made?

  7. Ah, por favor, ñ esqueçam que criança é até 12 anos, quando iniciam a pré- adolescência, isso é importante, independente da classificação de idade por venda de ingressos, ñ podemos limitar tanto a infância para serem adultos melhores no futuro, temos que dar tempo para elas amadurecerem com paciência e cuidado!😉🤗💖Helô

  8. Festas lindas, mas realmente quando se trata envolver crianças, é covardia elevar preços em eventos de alimentação, pois ñ é prioridade para elas, o que querem é muita diversão e muitos presentes nas lojas!O evento da Frozen, por exemplo, devia ter um caráter mais recreativo e lanches mais compactos e com sabor para paladar infantil, que perca menos tempo no comer para elas brincarem mais!E os adultos que às vezes são mero acompanhantes deles, nem sempre curtem o personagem da história, teriam que ter opções para lanche simples ou completo, com opções de gastar menos naquilo para aproveitar melhor outras atividades mais interessantes no lazer!
    Eu sou uma açucareira, amo doce e achei lindas as opções de eventos, ainda tem outras como a Highway in the Sky Dine Around, super incrível também! Só que temos que pensar na saúde, a diabete é muito dura e aparece de repente, por isso temos que ter as frutas sempre é opções diets e Light de açúcar nas refeições consumidas e açúcares mais saudáveis no consumo de doces…!
    Torço para que tudo corra bem aí e sempre melhorem o que já acho ser MARAVILHOSO!🤗💖💝🎅🤶🌠👩‍🍳👨‍🍳🎄E incentivem sempre a todos a se movimentaram, praticar exercícios e caminhar, mas também com moderação e cuidados!😉Helô

  9. Seems like a rip off it’s about $10 worth of food you eat per person seems like a total waste of your husbands money. I know ladies you disagree

  10. I just saw they are increasing the price of all the parties across the board in a few months by about $20 each, SUPER pricy now. Are they really worth $100 per adult??

  11. Does frozen ever after have seating while fireworks?
    What do you mean by escorted to frozen ever after ?
    Do we get to join fast pass line or immediate ride ?

  12. What will happen if there is a lot of rain at the plaza garden ??
    Will the fireworks shut down ??
    Will we get a cash back or money drown ??

  13. Please a video on
    1. what things are open at the hard ticketed events ? ( I mean like firework shows or rides or food location , or shortly is it okay to go to a after hour event rather than regular hours ???)
    2. Expensive vegetarian food for DDP
    3. Cheap vegetarian food
    4. Good neighbour hotels
    5. What ride to fast pass ??
    What is the minimum days for a Disney cruise?
    Love your channel !!!!

  14. The plaza party is way better. You get to see the fireworks lined up. Earring on the terrace cuts your veil and you get a bad seat sometimes

  15. Who can eat $80 worth of dessert without vomiting? If they could do a pizza and dessert party that would be good, but buying dinner and then spending that amount for dessert is kind of nuts.

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