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Which Is The Best Vegan Cheese Sauce? (+ Oil-Free Tortilla Chip Recipe)

For links to the recipes and more info, check out our blog post: In today’s video, we bring you a Cheese Sauce THROWDOWN!

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  1. I make Jills and add a little chopped jalapeño and 1/4 teaspoon of chilli powder. I feel like it adds a little kick. They’re right that it makes a lot of sauce so I always find someone to give some away to. 👍🏼

  2. I adapted the Engine 2 Cheesy Chickpea recipe to make a sauce that I love. 1 can of chickpeas, 1 T Aminoes, 1/2 c Nutritional yeast, 1 tbsp wheat flour (can omit), 1/2 c almondmilk. Whisk together the aminos, N.Yeast, flour, and the aquafava from the chickpea can, boil it up, reduce heat & simmer it while whisking for a couple minutes. Add that mixture, the chickpeas and the almond milk to a blender. Blend for a minute til it's thick & creamy. Add more almondmilk if it's not creamy enough. Fantastic over potatoes, and thick enough that I want to make pizza with it as the sauce. Oh, and add sriracha to taste if you want a spicy kick!

  3. So far my favorite had been Jaroudi's butternut cheese sauce with an alteration… I find it a bit sweet so I added 12 oz of silken tofu. Double the onion powder, garlic powder, and nutritional yeast. Double the lemon juice as well if you like the slight acidity. I finish this sauce with jalapenos and a can of rotel (nsa). Oh… I also leave out the cashews only because I'm a CAD patient.

  4. I would probably use the potato carrot based one or the 5 min oat based because they're fat free and my sister is allergic to cashews so I wouldn't be able to share any with her if I used any others.

  5. Thank you! This was really helpful. I've been wondering which cheese sauce was best too and this helps narrow down which ones to try. Just a thought-Roasting butternut squash adds another dimension of flavor. If you want to use frozen cubed squash, do take time to roast it first.

  6. I love the versatility of Jill's cheese sauce. (I make the batch and usually start by using it for mac n cheeze. Just toss in some cooked pasta and add some mustard powder and garlic powder; the leftovers keep in the fridge for up to a week (rarely more because I usually eat it all). I use it for a dip (add a bit of onion powder), on tacos (add some chipotle), drizzled on pizza, and even as a sandwich spread (instead of mayo). In JIll's first video, this recipe was made in a regular blender and then put into a pot to cook briefly and thicken up — but I discovered that I could skip that step and cook it in my brand new Vitamix! I was surprised to see that is now how she suggests doing it! The other really good benefit of this recipe is it is very inexpensive. Cashews (especially raw) are very costly — so this one scores for being budget-friendly, quick, tasty, fat-free, nut-free and versatile. Thanks for a great video!

  7. I love the idea of cashews and butternut squash. I like the great velvety fat mouthfeel of cashews, but a cheese sauce with nearly all cashews as the base it just a little to dense in calories. Blending in some butternut squash to add flavor and dilute the calories is brilliant! I would bet that if you don't have butternut squash, a garnet sweet potato would work as well. And as for color, a quarter teaspoon of turmeric would give you all of the deep rich orange/yellow that you could want (plus add some super healthy turmeric)

    I use the grind cashew to a powder technique for anything that requires cashews since I never remember to soaking the cashews and throwing in dry cashews along with the liquid never gets the cashew ground fine enough for me. I do have a Vitamix, so I don't know if this would work with an inferior blender. When making cashew cream to make a cream soup or mac & cheeze, I grind it to a powder, fluff it out of the corners with a chopstick or something skinny, add the liquid and blend for a minute or so. Then I let it sit for several minutes and before adding it to the recipe or cooking in a pot, I blend it for another minute. 1:2 cashew/water for a thick cream and 1:4 cashew/water for more of a cashew milk consistency. I use it just about everywhere a recipe calls for unsweetened/non-vanilla plant milk. I can make exactly the amount I need and don't end up with most of a quart of unsweetened almond milk sitting in the fridge unused until it goes bad.

    As for nacho cheese sauce, you can make it a little thinner and put a little tapioca starch in it rather than corn starch. A couple minutes in a pot on the stove will give it that stretchy texture of melted bovine breast milk cheese. A small amounts of tapioca keeps it still creamy enough to scoop with a chip even as it cools. A bit more tapioca will make it thick and stretchy more like straight up melted cheese when hot and pretty solid when cold. You can adjust on the fly. Start with maybe a couple teaspoons of tapioca start in a recipe that makes a couple of cup. If after it finishes thickening all it is going to in the pot and it is still too thin, whisk a tablespoon of tapioca starch into a quarter cup of cold water. Then add this roux to the sauce a teaspoon at a time, cook for a minute or two and repeat until it is just a little thinner than you would like (it will thicken as it cools and you don't want it so think it won't scoop with a chip).

    And lastly, the big question, which of these would make the best mac & cheese or broccoli & cheese?

  8. so which one is the most like a non vegan cheese sauce? If I want a red pepper sauce or a spicy sauce I'll make it. I want a good cheese sauce for things like broccoli or baked potato. That's what I watched this video for. what's the best cheese like sauce?

  9. I love Jill’s game changer sauce on its own or as a base,….and I don’t mind the oaty flavour at all. The primary reasons it’s the go to for me is the quick prep, the huge batch (big plant based a family over here) and the no cashews. I’ve resigned myself to never being able to lose or maintain weight with cashews in the mix so this sauce is just perfect for us.

  10. My favorite thing to eat with vegan cheese sauce is chili cheese fries. Omg, so delicious. I make big potato wedges with vegan red lentil chili and then top with the cheese sauce and red onions. Heaven.

  11. I'm new to your channel and I really look forward to your version of Cheese sauce. By all means let us know when you make your version. ❤❤

  12. I add chipotle to Jill's sauce. I think the thing with any of these is to find the base taste and texture you like the best and personalize it. The food plan I follow doesn't use cashews, so I'll continue to make Jill's. If you don't cook it long enough, it is more oat flavored. Cook it a little longer, and the oat flavor disappears. And I think adding Rotel to this one would give you the most similar texture to the Velveeta Rotel cheese dip.

  13. It certainly is personal preference. I didn't care for the Jarudi Family recipe – we ended up eating it over pasta. Jill McKeever's updated cheese sauce with the cashews is my go to sauce for a couple years now, but I still haven't tried the butternut squash one. Did a potato/carrot one years ago- should probably try Chuck's.

  14. I really appreciate your comparing these cheese sauces. But my favorite is Cooking With Plants’ fantastic nut free cheese sauce. I love it… please try it and review! Especially since it is nut free and you can eat a ton of it without any guilt!

  15. So my question is do any of them taste like actual cheese or nacho cheese? That would be the one I would rank as the best. So far, the Hot for Food nacho cheese sauce is the closest I've come across. However, it taste like the off brand nacho cheese to me. So I'm still on the hunt, if anyone has any suggestions of vegan nacho cheese sauce that actually taste like nacho cheese, I would greatly appreciate it.

  16. Thank you so much for your review! I plan on making each cheese sauce one after the other and find my favourite too. Do you find the cheese sauces that have a bit of nuts like the cashews make the sauce tastier? The top two you liked had cashews, so I am wondering if its the salt/fat combo that makes it taste superior to the others, maybe besides the chipotle spice. Also the last one from the Health span solution cookbook, I was looking at sample recipes from the book provided on Amazon, and one of their recipes contain oil. Does the cookbook contain many recipes with oil? Since many of us are oil free these days, I don’t really want to buy a cookbook that may have recipes with oil.

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