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Which Quarantine Recipe Do You Want To Make? • Tasty

David Osei is challenging his friends to show off their best quarantine proof recipes! We’re mindful of how the current coronavirus outbreak might be affecting …

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  1. Definitely the pie. The carbonara ramen interpretation is fun, but the poached egg on top of carbonara is really too weird for my Italian soul. And I'm not a fan of all that butter either! O_O'' Really never seen carbonara made like that.

  2. My quick recipe chicken ramen noodles, a little garlic and onion powder and if you want a few pieces of bacon. If you choose to add bacon cook the bacon as you are cooking the noodles. Boil the noodles in a pan then drain 3/4 of the water from the pan leaving a little water with the noodles turn the heat to medium and add alittle garlic powder and onion powder then stir and then add half of the seasoning packet then stir. The noodles should have a creamy consistency after this. If you cooked bacon add the bacon to the pan with the noodles and stir it. Wait about a minute then server. Note that after you drain the water you have to continuesly stir the noodles or they will stick to the pan

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