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Wholesome & tasty vegan snacks

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  1. I love you and your work. But I am short of a lot of ingredients here. Many of them are not regularly present in stores. I am from India. To begin with, what is an alternative of pecans

  2. The orange chocolate oat bars are DELICIOUS. I've made them several times. I keep mine in the freezer so they hold together a bit better. I like having them with a cup of tea 😊

  3. I love your videos sadia.Would love to collaborate with you in future. Love from India😆🤗 I'm 17 but I want to open a vegan restaurant in india when I grow up.I want to feature your recipes exclusively in the restaurant. Hope your support.😘

  4. Thanks Sadia,I am going to make the orange bars they look delicious , you look and remind me of my daughter, she also follows you keep up the amazing program your recipes are Fantastic ♥️

  5. I wish I could go more towards the vegan diet (I have been vegetarian for two years now), but with my allergy to nuts it becomes quite difficult to find my protein and nutrients… So I continue to get it from eggs, tofu, tempeh and meat substitutes, but it gets dull sometimes and I wish I could just sprinkle spoons of nuts in my salad sometimes and have that crunch.

  6. PUL i need to ask question,
    you said at 3:45 you dont mind smell of vinegar so you wouldn't mind your house smelling of it,
    but a lot of people like the smell of let's say steak for example to eat but they wouldnt wear a steak scented deodorant.
    so how do u explain that but with the vinegar?
    6:07 – oh my days

  7. Hi Sadia, I am hoping you have good ideas for a few questions that I am having. I cannot eat oats, not even gluten free ones, my body seems to think they are gluten anyway🙁 I am looking for how tp replace them for the first recipe. I have the same problem with granola. Also I have tried to make your nutella but I cannot have coconut oil. Do you have any ideas for me??? Your Videos and recipes have encouraged me so much with my eating. THANK YOU!! I am trying to follow an OMS diet because of MS. Sometimes it is so hard for me, especially with having 5 little children that I also have to keep happy foodwise! So all your wonderful recipes that work with the OMS restrictions are gold to me!!❤

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