Why America Is So Addicted To Chick-Fil-A…with Full Menu Review!

I went to Chick-fila-A to break down the menu and tell exactly why the food is so crave-worthy! Along with showing you what the best options on the menu with …

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  1. If you're gonna eat fast food, just eat fast food. Make it a treat and just get the fried stuff. Gotta live your life while also generally eating well.

  2. Haha thanx for the fast food videos Bobby! Good old south Floridian people. I live right down the road so most of the videos you do, I’ve been there and recognize all the areas lol.

  3. Haven't been to Chic Fil A in a long time but when I do go it is because I like the values of the company. Now that I hear what is in the food, I may change my mind about that. BTW, I was a little confused on the salads. You like the kale salad but the chicken salad is better?

  4. You can now get the Kale salad in a full size version! The Lemon Kale salad has grilled chicken and comes with lemon slices. This is my favorite option.💕

  5. What the hell is anti foaming agents !!!?? The fuck. Why do we need food coloring in chicken?? Chicken turns white while cooked.

  6. Making a nugget could be as simple as chicken, flour, eggs, oil (I prefer animal fats for frying fries and nuggets), and that’s it. But no. This place has to screw things up by adding unnecessary things! I make sure to stay away from grains, industrialized seed oils, and refined sugar.

  7. Am I the only one who doesn’t like chik-fil-a? Had it about twice and didn’t find what the big buzz is all about

  8. BOBBY I am disappointed you think canola is not bad it is from rape seed plant. That was used in the war for mustard seed gas. It is pure poison….

  9. I'd read about how good Chick-fil-A is for years but never had one in my area until about a year ago. I went, stood in a long line for almost an hour and ordered the standard fried sandwich with waffle fries. No one mentioned the sauces and the station only had napkins, straws and salt & pepper. I ate in my vehicle. The fries were cold so I only ate 1 and while the chicken was good it was on a tiny, dry bun that I mostly tossed in the throwaway bag. Just the sandwich and fries cost almost 10 dollars but since I basically only ate the chicken it was definitely not worth the price. I was so underwhelmed I'll never go back to try any of their other foods. Fast food for me is only about a once or twice a year thing anyway.

  10. I’ll tell you what I find infuriating. These woke companies tell you how you should live your life while they poison us with their garbage food!

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