Why America's Test Kitchen Calls the OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner the Best Salad Spinner

Smart design makes this spinner a must-have tool for your kitchen. The OXO Salad Spinner has been a staple in the test kitchen since it beat out competing …

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  1. The worst one I have ever had is the KitchenAid (the red one). I bought it and used for less than 5 times before the push bar was shot. Before that I had one from a dollar store and it lasted more than 5 years with satisfactory (per the price at least) performance.

    I have had two KA gas ranges in last 18 years and love their major appliances. I have had KA small appliances and never had a great experience. This is a shame.

  2. I've owned both a Zyliss and an OXO. The problem with the zyliss is if you don't have a firm grip on the pull string and it slips out of your wet hands, the handle will retract violently into the lid cracking the plastic and leaving sharp edges. There needs to be a rubber damper.
    The OXO, while it has a fantastic push down mechanism, it has a crappy bowl that looks like polycarbonate but when I dropped mine it shattered like glass.
    Zyliss and OXO are both dead to me.

  3. I have a smaller OXO I found a few years back. The lid doesn't come apart like the 1 you showed. But I love the spinner I have & use it all the time.

  4. FYI we need an updated video. I was about to buy an OXO large salad spinner from Amazon based on America's Test Kitchen review. Luckily I checkout the product reviews and noticed that OXO changed the design since 2016 and the new version doesn't work as well (according to a ton of 1 star verified purchasers that previously owned an OXO spinner).

  5. The manual crank ones from Ikea and Tupperware worked much better than this expensive Oxo one for me. The manual crank allowed me to really get to a higher spin speed resulting in a much drier salad. Granted, this might not be the best for those with arthritis but for someone with mobility, the manual ones will get a drier salad due to the sheer speed one can generate

  6. Just broke my third Oxo salad spinner. I get stupid and see how fast I can get it to spin, breaking it with too much force (unfortunately not the Jedi kind). Onto my fourth!

  7. Why don't you show what happens when water or mold gets inside the area by the spring that doesn't open. It's impossible to clean, and I'm so upset about it, because I use it for cleaning my mushrooms, and it's just absolutely insanely ridiculous and frustrating that if that part gets moldy, or starts to smell sour, you can't clean it! Otherwise, it's perfect. I watched a couple of videos of people popping open the tabs with a screwdriver, but it didn't work for me. It gouged the plastic tab, then slipped and made a big scratch across the lid, finally landing on the top of my hand where it drew blood. All of that just to get it open. Ugh!

  8. The Kitchenaid spinner shown is TOTAL garbage, the locking mechanism always breaks and has horrible reviews. go with the OXO, ATK will never lead you wrong!

  9. I have an OXO and it works well. They've even improved the product over the years. But in head-to-head testing Serious Eats much preferred the Zyliss, not tested by ATK, due to it's unique "wavy" basket design that apparently dries food faster. I'd like to see the Zyliss in the tests. It's the next salad spinner I would buy.

  10. I've been using salad spinners almost daily for decades. I have an OXO (current model) and don't like it very much.

    Pros: Heavier duty plastic than some other brands, so less liable to breakage.

    Cons: Doesn't get lettuce (or other veggies) very dry. This is due to the gear ratio. No matter how fast you pump, the basket doesn't spin fast enough — and I can pump VERY fast (I'm a pianist with very fast hands!). I can always get the lettuce and other veggies much dryer, more quickly, with a spinner with a hand crank. It's not that cranks are perfect in every respect, but generally do a much better job of drying than the OXO. I think OXO could improve their spinner, still using the pump, if they changed the gear ratio so that you can get the basket spinning faster.

    The OXO is also ridiculously overpriced, especially as it doesn't dry very well. I suppose the OXO might find fans among those who don't care if their greens are still quite wet after spinning.

    I think I have a LOT more experience with salad spinners than ATK!

  11. HEY!!! I have that ratcheting spinner they showed… the one with the green basket. I like it quite a lot and it's easy to use with one hand. I will admit that it's designed for righties, but it's also a lot cheaper than the oxo.

  12. I dry my lettuce by hanging it on a clothes line by individual leaf and using a fan while monitoring moisture content with a handheld Doppler device..

    Surprised America's Test Kitchen does not endorse this method what with its attention-to-detail and focus on granularity and all.

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