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Why Hong Kong Still Uses Bamboo to Build Buildings

Think of construction, and you’ll probably imagine scaffolding made of steel or aluminum. But in Hong Kong, the material of choice is bamboo. The densely …

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  1. I don't get the "still". I think bamboo is superior to metal scaffolding. It is much more flexible. When you live in 20/F and need to fix the split-type air-con, you need a small scaffolding (maybe 4,5 feet long) to let you climb out from the window and walk to the air-con. There is no way to make it with metal scaffolding.

  2. These guys are amazing. I knew that bamboo was a widely used material in China, but I never imagined that they used it for buildings so big! Such a wonder!

    It'd be interesting to know about the acoustics in bamboo theatres and how it works, how sound propagates and if the hollows in bamboo change it.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing bit with us!

  3. I remember the days when Shanghai was covered in bamboo scaffolds until, I think it was 2010, an unlicensed welder started a fire and killed many in a tall building there. It is a shame the craft is dying but safety must be the first consideration.

  4. when I was 16 I lived in Hong Kong for a short time and remembered the Bamboo scaffolding that was there and thought it was very clever and it was pretty to see as well. I am glad at my age of 59 that it is still been done, even tho it may be a dying art.

  5. Hong Kong is not the last place to continue using bamboo. Many Southeast asian nations still use bamboo as scaffolding.

  6. I love this! I see bobo (and the plastic ties on every trip. I never knew they were just twisted into a bun!

    I've also seen what I thought was festive signage, that looked very similar to the theater. Was I looking at one end of a bamboo theater, or was it advertising for the same?

    I hope they dont get rid of the scaffolding or the structures, totally part of Hong Kongs heritage.

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  7. Great job and home run once again! Interesting story I would never have known about without your putting this out there for everyone. Please keep up the good work. China is such an interesting country when you look at the people and what they can do. Thanks.

  8. Thank you for sharing this with us. I have such a deep respect for artisans and their craft. It is sooo important for societies to encourage and invest in not only preserving but encouraging careers in quality craftsmanship. It shouldn't always be about discarding what is old just because it is old. Sometimes old just works and has an immense value in the doing of it. Especially when it is sustainable. Don't get me wrong, of course there are things that we should not keep doing, I'm just thinking about the good things we should value to keep around.

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