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Why This Booming Vegan Ice Cream Business Struggles To Find Investors

The founders of the vegan ice cream brand Kubé need investors in order to meet soaring demand. Like many other Black entrepreneurs, they face systemic …

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  1. She says they're environmentally conscious, while making using coconut, which has to be shipped from thousands of miles away, as a base for her product. It doesn't make sense. Phony.

  2. You can’t use that your black you making thousands you said you’re self we done got investors and if you really wanted AC in there you could of got it with that million dollars that your be could making this year
    Everything you say doesn’t add up at all
    It’s not because your black you have no idea what your saying.

  3. They are raising 3 million at what evaluation? The problem might be that they are valuing this business at 30 million dollars and don't have the data/sales to make that a compelling offer for any investor that is willing to risk that amount of resources for them to be offering 10% at a 30 million USD evaluation (for example). If they have the traction to justify their evaluation, they would get people knocking at their door. Investors speak money, not race or color, though they might find someone looking for to do it because they feel compelled, but that's just dumb money, that might not even understand their needs and their sector, they are catering to. Something isn't adding up with this company. Best of luck to them, maybe they'll find someone that fits the type of investor they are looking for.

  4. If you follow the math you can understand why they are having investment issues. They claim 150 cartons produced a day, but they can't get into the kitchen everyday, so assume a 5 day work week and 52 weeks a year for a grand total of less than $200,000 worth of product. They are now asking for $3,000,000 in order to have their own kitchen where they plan to produce 2,000 cartons a day, which is a 1,333% increase. Who is going to buy all that ice cream though? You aren't talking about doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling production you are talking about 13 times production. Investors likely don't see vegan ice cream as being that popular; also look at the company's profit – they can't be making much off of only $200,000 worth of product.

  5. The amount of turning a blind eye to systemic racism in these comments is sad… you hear one black lady talk about her struggling business relating to race and then all of a sudden y’all are economic experts? Smh try to listen to what she’s saying and do your own research into systemic racism and the economy rather than letting your white fragility show and get triggered when you hear a statement you don’t like. If you ain’t black you’re not experiencing what she and millions of others experience, so instead LISTEN.

  6. Its all about business and market not skin color, all about of money and how many employees do you have, nobody gonna invest in 2 person company became a bit bigger hire more ppl show them that u r serious company with good amount ppl and amazing product!

  7. I don't believe what she's saying is all true, if they're selling each cup for 5 dollars and let's say they're selling 600-700 cups a day after a few months there should be enough capital to invest in more equipment and hire workers which is the first step in scaling up production and if she says she has more demand then it shouldn't be that she's lacking capital, I think the investors know these irregularities and yet she's blaming it all on systemic racism. If she really wants to expand she would've

  8. No one care about colour. But i wouldent want to invest in them cause i wouldent see there brand growing as they think it would. I think there product is more of a gimmic especialy with such small portions and such high prices. Yes they could expand but it will still be expensive and as a investor you most likely wouldent get much from investing. So why would you. That and most people if they were going to spent that much could just buy their own icecream machine and the ingredients so another reason not to invest.

  9. lol racism? or the fact that vegan ice cream is just a fad and your “booming business” is everyone trying it once and then it just doesn’t compared to regular milk-based ice cream? lol….

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